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The Heat Of The Sun

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According to the best authorities, lesa than one thousand-milliouth part of the gun's rays teaches the earth. It is fortĂșnate that this is so, as any considerable ooncentration of the rays -apon our planet wonld speedily destroy it. Aocording to the same account, if all of the ice at the north pole were so piled that the heat of the sun could be focused on it, it would dissolve at the rate of 300,000,000 miles of soliri ice per second, The heat is estiniated to genĂ©rate energy at the rate of 10,000 horsepower to every square foot of space. The beginniug of the radiation of heat from the suu must date back something like 100.000, 000 years. Likeeverything else, it had its start and must have its finish. It may continue for 15,000,000 or 20,000,000 years longer, but there is a limit and it must be reached. Oue caunot but wonder at the condition of the universe at that time and vvhat will come after


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