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Madrid, May 28.- The Impareial reIterates that Admiral Cervera is at Santiago de Cuba, which port, is says, possesses advantages over Cienfuegos. Key West, Fia., May 27.- The United States gunboat Hornet carne in from the blockade. She reports everything quiet along the line of the blockade. , The Oregon and the Marietta arrived at Key West at 7:30 in the morning, anchoring some four or five miles out, near Sand Key light. Kingston, Jamaica, May 30.- [Copyrighted, 1898, by the Associated Press.] -The United States auxiliary cruiser Harvard, formerly the American line steamer New York, has arrived here. She reports twelve American warships are now outside the harbor of Santiago de Cuba and Admiral Cervera and the Spanish fleet are almost certainly inside. But nothing certein is known as to the communication which Commodore Schley has had with the shore, or as to the number of Spanish fighting vessels which are bottled up in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba. London, May 31.- A dispatch to The Standard from Key West says: "Intelligcnce has been received here from Cuba that a porticn of the army of General Máximo Gómez, consisting of 300 cavalry and 600 nfantry, on Saturday at daylight aitacked, captured and held for two hovirs the town of Remedios, in the province of Santa Clara. The Cubans were under the command of Carillo, and the object of the attack was to capture a supply of provisionssentthree days before the Spanish troops, who numbered 3,000 men. General Carillo hearing of their arrival, sent to Genera Gomez for reinforcements, and having received 100 infantry and 200 cavalry decided to attack at dawn. Surprised Jïïarly in tHe Morning. His camp was formed Friday night about three miles frm Eemedis. No fires were permitted and all orders were given by word of mouth instead of bugle. At 3:55 a. m. on Saturday the troops formed for attack, the cavalry under General Carillo being in front and the infantry under Colonel Borra constituting the second line. They were almost in the town before a sentry gave warning. The cavalry charge practically decided the capture, and the infantry, following at doublequick, looted the place' of everything edible, which was sent to General Gomez, as well as 304 Mauser rifles and 30,000 rounds of ammunition. And Now tlie Kebs Are Wax Fat. The loss of the Cubans was four kille and three wounded. The Spaniards lost thirty-two killed and sixty-three. wounded. The Cuban troops had eaten nothing but "juit" for weeks, and had no bread or coffee. Consequently they revelled in the canned beef, sardines, coffee and other edibles of the capture. Twd houra after the town was taken theSpanish troops, who had been reiniorced, returned and recaptured Remedios. Five Cubans were killed or wounded in the second engagement. The Spanish loss is unknown.


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