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Wheat Crop In Good Condition

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The weekly erop report of tbe Miobigan weather service issued May 31 says: "Warm temperatures and well distributed sbowers bave been very favorable to all crops; there has been a oontinued iinprovement in wheat, rye, grass and rneadows and tbe soil bas been in fine oondition for field work. The continned iinprovement in wheat has put tbat erop in espeoially fine condition ; ïu the soothern oonnties it is heading. Rye continúes to do finely and is generally in bead in most oonnties of tbe lower península. Grass and oats have come forwarrl ratber slowly, but the past week bas shown a marker! improvement in tbem. Oats bad a ratber chilly start, bnt are now generally above gronnd, and altbough somewhat sinall, show health and vigor. Corn plantiDg is generally uearing completion in the more northerly connties of the state ; in the sontbern and central seotion it is above gronnd, shows a good stand and its cïiltivation in tbose sections has quite geoerally begun. A few correspondents complain that cut worins have done some damage to corn and necessitated replanting. Hay is in a geuerally promising condición ; new meadows are rather light, but old meadows are quite heavy. Pastures are fine. Tnere is almost a general complaint from the larger fruit districts that peach trees are qnite badly effeoted by onrl leaf; tbis week's reports also indícate that tbe yield of late or winter apples will he lighter than was thought at first; otherwise the fruit prospecta continué fine. Strawberries are turning red and Michigan fruit will soon be on the market. Bean ground is being prepared and some beau planting bas begun. Late potato planting is in progress and in the more southerly counties is finished."


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