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The Cnbans are still starving. Wonld tha...

The Cnbans are still starving. Wonld tha... image
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The Cnbans are still starving. Wonld that Dewey had command of the Cobas fleet. Those ships which passed in the oight were Spanish. The Spaniards had many ships at Manila, bnt their best ship was absent - marksmansbip. Sixty-eight per cent of the Spanieh people are nnable to read. Abont that per cent of her gnnners seem incapable of aiming. Pingree will get the repnblican nomination for governor and will take it to, even if all the trusts and monopolies do belong to that party. Tbere has been no startling war news this week. Com. Schley bombardea the forts and silenced tbe gnns at the entrance of Santiago harbor, without receiving any damage in retnrn and Admiral Sarupson has taken command of the naval forces in front of Santiago, froni which point important news is ezpected witbin a few days. It is odd to see members of the AntiSaloon Leagne falling over eaoh other in trying to get on the bonds of a man arrested for selling liquor without a license, especially where the offender walked out of town to catch a train at Pittsfield Jnnction to avoid arrest. Bnt snch is the plight in which they placed themselves in biring men to procnre ethers to viólate the state laws. Procnrers never fare better at the hands of the law than those whom they procnre to comruit a criine, bnt men are not nsnally anxions to go on their bonds. Now that it seems likely that the United States may take the opportunity of enteiing opon a colonial polioy whicb will increase its oommerce and general prosperity, it may be well to gee what the United States may have for the taking and more especially in the Pacific ocean. Nearest the United 8tate3 are the Hawaiian Islands, already largely Americanized, which are throwing themselves at us. It would be folly not to accept tbem. Tben there are the large and fertile islands of the Phillipines with 180,000 sqnare miles and a populatiou of 7,000,000, and uear the coast of Asia. Under American rale they would rapidly beoome prosperóos and would materially aid us in stcuring the rnain commercfi ■with Asia. Between the Phillipine Islands and the Hawaiiau Islands are two groups of islands belonging to Spain, which it wonld also be well to take. NeareBt the Phlilipines are the Pelew Islands. Farther east are the Caroline Islands composed of 500 islets, and already oontaining many American missions. Most of them are small in 6ize and they cover a great stretch of ocean territory extnding from Ngoli on the west to Ualan on the west a distance of 1,800 miles. Some of tbem have good ports and are fertile. They are midivay between Hawaii and tbe Phillipines and the possession of all these would give this country a cbain of islands extending from this country to the ooast of Asia. Conditions are ripe for the United States entering opon a great commercial oareer witii command of the Pacific ocean.


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