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Interscholastic Meet

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The intersoholastio meet beid in this city last Friday and Saturday was attended by teams from Detroit, Lansing, Adrián, Greenville, Poutiao, Bay City and Ann Arbor. The team from Ishpeming did not come owing to tbe heavy expense attaohed to the long jonrney. The events oommenoed with a baseball game between Lansing and Ann Arbor F,riday afternoou. It was considerably one-sided, Ann Arbor winning by a sooie of 11 to 4. A larga orowd of spectators attended the iudoor meet at the Waterman gymoasiam in the evening. The first event a 40 yards dash was won by Jorüon, of Aun Arbor, Christopher, of Lansing, carne in second. Forty yards hardle - 1, Christopher; 2, Jordon. Lightweight wrestling - 1, Kiohette, Ann Albor. Middleweigbt wrestling - 1, Childs, Lansing. Heavyweight wrestling - Tucker, Ann Arbor. In the bioycle races Saturday morning McCarricb, of Lansing, won both the quarter and mile events. Butler, of Ann Arbor, got second in the qnarter and McClnre, of Aun Arbor, tbird in ihe mile. Dodds, of Detroit, got third in the qnarter and seoond in the mile. h The field and track events took place Saturday afternoon and wcre won as follows: One mile bicycle - 1, McCartich; 2, Dodds, Detroit; 3, McClure. Qnarter mile bicyole - 1, McCarrich;2, Butler; 3, Dodds. Hundred yards dash- 1, Ellis, Detroit; 2, Jordon; 3, Dawson, Pontiao. 220 yards dash - 1, Ellis; Inglis and Dawson tied for seoond plaoei. 120 yards hurdle - l.Chris11topher; 2, Standish, Detroit; 3, Tucker. 220 yards hurdle - 1, Chistopher; 2, Richette; 3, Standish. 40 yards dash- 1, Longyear, Lansing; 2, Jones, Lansing; 3, Malone, Bay City. Mile rnn - 1, Jones, Lansing; 2, MoEldowney, Adrián; 3, Fitoh, Detroit. Mile walk- 1, Standish; 2, Smith, Detroit; 3, Coon, Ann Arbor. Putting 16 lbs. shot - 1, Avery, Detroit; 2, Malone; 3, Childs. Pole vaulting - Christopher and Lesher, Lansing, tied for first place; 3, Hollister, Ann Arbor. Eunning high jump - 1, Christopher; 2, Hollister; 3, Barlow, Greenville. Tbrowing 16 Ibs. hammer - 1, Lehman, Adrián; 2, Avery; 3, Childs. Running broad jump - 1, Ellis; 2, Thompson, Pontiao; 3, Christopher. Lansing, winner of last year's meet, again captured first place, having a total of 49 points; Detroit carne next with 47 points. On the basis of five points for first place, three for second plaoe and one for third plaoe, the various teams rank as follows: Lansing 49, Detroit 47, Ann Arbor 17, Adrián ü, Bay City 7, Pontiac 6, Greenville 1.


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