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Army fare has greatly improved in quality. Pay day bas been postponed nntil Jnne 30. A quartet from OotopaDy A furnished muaic at tbe Sunday evening services beid by tfcre 31st Micb. Vol. Company A. bas organized a dramatic association and proposes to give a lawn fete soon to vary the monotony of camp life. The following Washtenaw connty boys are in the 31st Mich. Vol. band: Clyde A. DeWtt, of Dexter; Nelson E. Freer, Chelsea; Joseph Vokots, Ypsilanti. Capt. Granger, O. P. Cole, Oscar Bnrkbardt, Fred Hu toon and WalJaoe Palmer, of Ann Arbor, and Snrgeon Owens, of Ypsilanti, attended the conferriDg of tbe Order of Malta at Chattanooga last Thursday. Dr. Frank S. Bonrns, who was with Dean C. Worcester in the Phillipine Islands for severa] years, and who later was with Dr. Darling in tbis city, where he has many friƩnds, bas been appcinted surgeon with tbe rank of major on Gen. Merritt's staff. There was mach opposition from the regular arroy to his appointment, as Dr. Bonrns is made to ootrank ruany of the old army surgeons, but Gen. Merritt insisted. Major Bourns speaks Spanish fluently and also tbe dialects of the Phillipine natives and will be of great servioe to the army. He bas already proven invaluable in helping fit ont Merritt's army, and has saved many thoueands of dollars. For instance, he sbowed bow to make a obeap sandal that is muoh better for the Pbillipines tban expensive sboes for the soldiere.


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