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The date of the alumni banquet of the Ann Arbor high school has been set for Friday evening, Jane 24. John McCann, of Ypsilanti, has been appointed a conductor on the new Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor railway. Mr. Jacob Rauschenberger of Northfield and Miss Jennie Clinton, of this city, were married last evening at the residenoe of Rev. E. D. Kelly The Ann Arbor railway company has begun suit against the Flint & Pere Marquette railway company in an aotion for judgment of $1,803.25 and interest. Rosa Tessmer was granted a divorce from Paul Tessmer at the session of the circuit court on Tuesday. Mrs. Edna O. Potter, of Dexter was also granted a divorce from William H. Potter. The Ann Arbor fund for the use of the Army Christian commission stands asfollows: Cash oontributions up to May 30, $171.05; unpaid pledges, $42.00; oash reoeived on May 31, $5.00; total, $218.05. The mail oarriers now make their morning collections at 6 o'olook instead of 6 :30 as formerly. The ohange is caused by the train going east on the Michigan Central leaving here at 7 :00 a. m. instead of 7 :30 as heretofore. Mrs. Beatrice E. Bristol, of Dexter, has entered suit in the circuit court for a divorce from her husband Trua C. Bristol. They were married in Chicago December, 1893, and eight months later he deserted her in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Mrs. Frances H. McMahon, widow of the late James McMahon, died ai her home on Kingsley st., Monday, aged 75 years. The funeral services were held at St. Andrew's church Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Henry Tatlock officiating. Mrs. McMahon was born in London, Eng. Dr. John P. Ashley, the new president of Albion College, will preach at the First M. E. church Sunday morning. Dr. Charles J. Baldwin, an eminent Baptist divine, will give the closing leoture in the Wesleyan Guild iu the evening. His subject will be "The Christian Law of Dualism. " David Henning, owner of the Henning blook in this city, has purchased the gas lighting plant in Battle Creefa for $45,000. Mr. Henning now owns .two gas plants, the other being in Albion. He bas also purchased a bandeome residence in Battle Creek anc will make that city his home. Holmes' livery now has one of the finest teams in the oity. They are jet black and perfeotly matched. J. T. Jacobs is said to be slated at WashiDgton for as staff appointmenü. Gen. Spalding endorses tbe proposed appointment. J. H. Lepper. landlord of the Cook house, went fishing for a oouple of days last week at Algonao. He canght 97 fisb in one ri y. The Wom in 's Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A. will hold a special meeting Monday, June 6, at S p. m. All members are reqnested to be present. Mrs. Jennie Voorheis bas been reelected state treasnrer of the W. C. T. U., although she tried bard to withdraw f rom it on account of an affliction of her eyes. The Ann Arbor Democrat and Ypsilanti Weekly Times have been Consolidated nnder tbe name of the former. Tbis change is oaased by Seward Cramer's removal to this city. Miss Emma E. Bower was elected first vice president of tbe Michigan Women's Press Assooiation at the meeting held in Jackson last w ek. Dr. Mary Wood-Allen was elected altérnate to the State Federation of Women's Clubs. The next annual meeting of the press assooiation will be held in Detroit. Alfred O. Crozier, of Grand Rapids, a son of O. R. L. Crozier, of Ann Arbor town, has invented a submarino boat, the drawings of whioh he exhibited to Secretary Long on May 26. He would like the navy department to adopt the boat, and it is possible the government may order an experimental boat to be built. The biennial meeting of the Great Hive fnr Michigan L. O. T. M., will be held in Detroit next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Carrie L. Kellogg will go tbere as delégate from Arbor Hive, No. 113. Miss Emma E. Bower, great record keeper, aceompaned by Miss Anna Fnrdy and Miss Allie Cnrtis, will be there in her official capaoity. On aooonnt of the dissatisfaotion that exists ainong the laboring men of the city over the uneqnal división of the abor by reason of the favoritism that bas been shown, a new plan in relation to hiring laborers bas been adopted. Hereafter the employment of men will be done by the president of the board of public vork, Dr. W. B. Smith, and Aid. Jobn Koen, chairman of the street oommittee. Wright, Kay & Co., of Detroit, recently reoeived a letter from this oity askiug them to snbmit designs for a sooiety pin for a new sorority that had been started here. Tbey at once sent tbeir traveling man here to look after the good job. His disgust can be imagiued when be found that the sorority consisted of six little girls from 10 to 12 yeais old who wanted pins that wonld oost $1 apiece. Charles R. Smith, the chicken thief who has already served four years and three months ia jail for stealing cbickene, has been given a sentence of another year's imprisonment by Jndge Kiane. Hé was taken into the oircuit oonit Friday and the information against him for stealing chiokens in this oounty six years ago was read to him. He pleaded goilty to the oharge and the judge senteuoed him to a year in Jaokson prison. A K. O. T. M. excursión will be run to Detroit via the Michigan Central on Tuésday next. The train will leave Chelsea at 8:05 a. m.,fare $1.10; Dexter, 8:15 a. m., 95 cents; Scio, 8:20 a. m., 90 cents; Delhi, 8:25 a. m., 90 cents; Fosters, 8:29 a. m., 85 oents; Ann Arbor, 8:35 a. m., 80 cents; Geddes, 8:47 a. va., 70 cents; Ypsilanti, 8:58 a. m., 60 oents. Returnjng the train will leave Detroit at 9 p. m. Children from 5 to 12 years old half fare. Jogeph Sill, of Detroit, son of Prof. ; .T. M. B. Sill, went to Zukey Lake : Saturday night in company with a 1 friend intending to oome down the 1 river in canoes. They camped on the banks of Strawberry Lake Saturday . night. Sunday morning while pack ing up Mr. Sill had a revolver in his ; hand whioh aooidentally went off. j The ball entered his hand and plowed its way upward lodging near his elbow. The canoeing journey was end1 ed and the young men came back to Ann Arbor to get the bullet extraoted. Thomas W. Keene, the well known tragedian, died in New York Wednesday evening. There will be a musioal service at St. Andrew's church Sunday evening at 7:30 o'olook. Tbeie are several cbanges in tbe Michigan Central time table which it will be well for travelers to look up. Dr. J. D. Armstrong, of this oity, reoited an original poem entitled "Tbe BroDze Button" at the Memorial day exercises at Lansing Monday. The demooartio oonnty oonvention to seleot delegates to tbe state and oongressional oonventioDS will be held at the oonrt house Wednesday, Jnne 15. Frank Hess has been ohosen as resident manager of the new gas oompany whiob has been organized in Mt. Clemens by Samuel T. and Henry W. Douglas. Tbe trial of Christian Seyfried, charged with keeping a resort for lewd oharaoters at bis saloon on Ashley st. , bas been set for June 16 before Justice Duffy. The repubiioan county convention for tbe election of delegates to the state and congressional convention bas been called to meet at the court house Thursday, June 16. Golden Rule and Fraternity Lodges, F. & A. M., will soon issue a joint Masonic directory of all the members of the lodges in this city together with their street addresses. A Pontiac woman is so patriotic that she will have notbing Spanish aronnd her. . The other day she had her fine thorougbbied Black Spanish ben killed, although it was au excellent layer E. W. Balob, late of the Plymoutb Mail, has started a new paper at Northvillfi called the Star. It is a sis nrnn qnarto newspaper, neatly gotten np and well filled witb news and ads. Wbile Mrs. L. L. James was driving to Ann Arbor frorn Dexter, Wednesday of last week, her hor6e became frigbtened and ran away badly demolisning the oarriage. The oooapants were bnt slightly injured. Miss Ratie E. Corey has begun snit against the city for $25,000 damages for injuries reoeived by ïalling on an ioy sidewalk on E. William st, last February. Lehraan & Stivers are het attorneys. The papers were served on City Clerk Mills Wednesday. Miss Bovee, of Ypsilanti, feil off a piano stool in a faint Thursday of last week at the School of Music, wbile taking her lesson, and was nncousoions for several honre. She missed an eleotrio aar and rode from Ypsilanti on her bioyole in order to be in time, makiug the eight miles in a Iittl9 over 80 minutes. The Lansing, Dexter & Aun Arbor electrio line will not be built and equipped until a guranatee fnnd of $100,000 in bonns notes, right of way and franohises is put up. The present situation falls far short of this. Thomas Birkett says, "If the bonus, or near it, can be raised, we sball ultimately get the road, but not otherwise." An elegant quarter sawed oak desk and a handsome office chair now stand in the Argus offioe and are oooupied by Editor Beakes. It was presented to him Tnesday evening by the employees of the post office on the oocasion of his retiremeut from his fonr years' term of offioe in token of tbeir esteein and regard for him. Mr. Beakes is xceedingly proud of his handsome gift. "What Shall We Do with the Gonquered Islands?" is tbe title of an exoeedingly able artiole in the "North Amerioan Keview" for June, from the pen of Senator John T. Morgan, who disonsses the new and inviting field for Amerioan enterprise and influence that with the conolusion of the present oonfliot, will open Porto Rioo, Cuba, Hawaii, the Caroline and the Phillipine Islands, to fair trade and good government. An Irishman went into an eating house in Minneapolis and asked for a "square meal." The waiter flrst brought in a bowl of soup, whioh Pat drank with a relish. The waiter then brought in celery whioh sooa went tbe way of the soup. The waiter next brought in a lobster. Tbe Irishman looked at the lobster a minute and then rebelled. "Madam," he said, "O'ive drank your dishwater and ate your bouquet, but oi'll be dom'd if oi'll ate the bag." .Tndge Kinne will bold ooutt in Monroe Dext week. President James B. Angell has resigned his position as U. S. minister to Tnrkey. Prof. Jonas' advanced class in musio give a concert in Frieze Memorial hall this evening at 8 o'olook. Edward Sheebey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Sheehey, of Pittsfield, died Monday aged five yeara. Attorney F. Grove Campbell, well ;uowd in tbis city, bas been made secretary of the board of health in Detroit. The board of auditors of the Great Hive L. O. T. M. were in tbe city Satnrday auditing the books of the great record keeper and the acconnts for the month of May. The reoeipts from the sale of stamps, ïostaj cards and envelopes at the Ann Arbor post office dating the month of May was 18,153.12, au inorease of $390.10 over May, 1897. Mrs. Eliza R. Sunderland will occupy the pulpit of the Unitarian church at Kalamazoo next Sunday ou acconnt of the serious illness of the pastor Rev. Caroline Bartlett Crane. William Gray, of Sbaron, who set ïre to bis baildings notlone since, was adjudged insane at a hearing in the aorbate conrt Tuesday and was at onoe ;aken to the insane asylum at Pontiac. Mr. Cheshire L. Boone, son of Prinoipal R. G. Boone, of the State Normal ooilege, was married in this city Wednesday to Mies Grace W. Rossman, of Tackson. Rev. Henry Tatlock performed the marriage ceremony. H. W. Rose, general seoretary of the university Y. M. C. A. will speak at :be men 's meeting in the rooms of the looal association Sunday at 2 :45. Men are nrged to attend tbis meeting. Fans will be provided and everybody will be made as comfortable as possible. Buffalo Times : Many nnjnst tbings iave been said of President McKinley, aut it remained for the El Diaro of Madrid, with unconsoious humor, to perpétrate tbe following: "It will no doubt surprise our readers to learn :hat tbe Yankee President Magginly is a naturalized Cbinaman, having been bom in Cantón. " Lillie M. Healey, of Dexter, bas been granted a divorce from Frank H. Healey with possession of her two minor ohildren. The grounds for divorce were drunkenness and non-support. Katherine Nagel, of the same place, was also granted a divorce from Jacob Nagel, without oontest. She was also given alimony. Adrián Press: No case of sun stroke was reported at Ann Arbor during tbe hot days of last week, but it is said that Sheriff Judson was thrilled by a grandson stroke, at the house of Schlee, and if the granddad bas bis way, the youngster will be burdened with the name "Pingree Scblee." This kid you see, - HiB name ehall be, Jud Pingree Sehlee. The next four Sundays Rev. J. T. Sunderland will speak at the unitarian church on "Recollections of Sundaysin the Holy Land," as follows : June 5, "A JDay with Jesús at Nazareth;" Jnne'12, "A Sunday at the Beautiful Sea of Galilee;" June 19, "A Sunday at Gethsemane and on the MouDt oi Olives;" Jnne 26, "Easter Sunday at Jerusalem." xne roucn aaveirisea DaseDan game between the University and High School faculties at tbe atbletic field Wedneeday aftemoon developed into a sort of "anybody play wbo wants to" game, inasrunch as Sid Millard, Frank Simons and A. J. Sawyer were playiDg on tbe side of the. High School faculty. Six innings were played aod tba'soore stood 24-8 in favor of tbe U. of M. faculty. Georgia Jaokson and Ella Doty, wbo were taken before Jndge Kinne Tuesday on a writ of baheas oorpns to ascertain why tbcy sbould not be adinitted to bail on tbeir bond wbich had been filed with H. D. Marsh as eeonrity and whioh Marshal Sweet refnsed to accept, were ordered by the Jndge to appear before Justice Duffy. On tbeir way there Mr. Marsb withdrew bis name frorn the bond and tbe girle had to return to jail. Mr. Llewellyn L. Renwick, of the School of Mnsic, and Miss Mabel Allen were nnited in marriage Wednesday evening at the bom of tbe bride's parents Mr.and Mrs. Jerome Allen, in Ypsilanti. Ooly tbe immediate relatives of tbe young people and a few intiruate friends were present. Mr. and Mrs. Renwick will reside in this oity for a time but later will go to France wbere Mr. Renwiok will study musió for a year under the celebrated M. Alexandre GruilmaDt. Two bicycle accidents happened Wednesday evening of last week. MrR. Celia Fields was learuiDg to ride a bioycle and in dismounting quickly turned her ankle and broke the bone of her leg just below the knee. Her injory was attended to at the University hospital. The same evening Charles Dibble tried to stop his bicycle by putting bis foot between the front forks and using it as a brake. He was riding a strange bike and bis foot gering wedged in the machine he was tossed high np in the air. He received a bad sprain of bis right arm. Eugene K. Fruaanff, special agent of the Travelers' Insurance Co., came home Tuesday from a trip to Owosso and Corunna. In tbe Jatter place he bad a pleasant visit with Druggist Michael Reidy. Mr. Reidy, when e young man, was secretary of the Ann Arbor fire department. Dnring the rebellion he served in tbe confedérate army. He is now tborougbly reconstructed and takes a warm interest ir the Spanish war. He is paitionlarlj delighted that all seotional lines art wiped ont and that the men fron Miobigan are standing side by sidc with men from Georgia and Alabama.