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Coal In The Transvaal

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Id one eolliery not half a dozen miles from the gold mines I have seen a searn of coal 70 feet iu tbickaess. This coal, thongh of a low quality, suffices for the purposes of the gold mines, aud there is a sufficient quantity of it to outlast far the lives of all the gold miners. Besides these ccal deposits uear the goldfields and those others by the Vaal river, wbich furuish coal for the railway eystem far down into Cape Colony, there are literally hundreds, perhapá even a tbousaud, squi'.re miles of coal iu the Middleberg aud Crínelo districts lying between Pretoria and Delagoa Bay. In the rnidst of these coal beds is the outcrop of iron ore, and running through thern is the lately constructed railway to Delagoa Bay. With these vast coalfields close to a first rate port on the Iudian ocean the prospects of the coal miuing industry seein brilliant. -


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