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The dainty Iittle Freuch performer on ■ vaudeville stage was drasving , a charcoal sketch of a ship at sea, with tóe tcrwers and battlements of an oriental town in the background. It was a night scène, and the moon was full and visible. Everybody saw the picture except a woman well in the front of the theater. She saw it with her eye, but her imperfectly constitnted brain didn't see that the lineson the board represented anything. "Do yon see the ship now?" asked her impatient hnsband. "It must be night. " she said. "Of course it's night. Doa't yon see the moonr" "What is thac white stuff in the rearr'' she asked.. referring to the oriental city. "Dear me." said her hnsband. "you are like the fooi that can't see the man is the moon. only worse " "Any way. he's a handsome man, ': pnrsued the female. "Do you suppose he's 45 or 33?" "Don't you see the ehip and the city acrw?" persisted the busband. "I see something that looks like cheese," she admitted. but at the look of despair on ber partner's face she adderi : "Oh, yes, now I do see it all. How etnpid I was. How pretty and clever it is, to be sure. He's a handsome fellow, and well dressed. Shall we go home, dear, or see what the next act is?" Without answering her husband arose and helped her on with her coat, and they left the theater, together in body, bnt widely, widely, separated in spirit.


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