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Commodore Schley's Strategy

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Washington, May 31. - By feinting the withdrawal of his squadron off the entrance to Santiago harbor, Commodore Sehley led the Spanish admiral into an attempt to escape f rom the trap in which he has been held, thus enabling the fact oí his presence to be absolutely ascertained. After finding that he was discovered Cervera returned to the protection of the inner harbor. It is the general impression in Washington that Commodore Sehley will immediately begin an attack on the harbor defenses of Santiago. After these defenses he will forcé his way into the inner harbor and give battle to the Spaniards. The fight is expected to be short and furious and the utter annlhilation of the Spanish fleet is a foregone conclusión. The plans of campaign already decided upon, but held in abeyance until the location of the Spanish fleet was deflnitely ascertained, will now be vigorously executed. It is believed the bombardment of navana will be no longer delayed.


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