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Look For Little Resistance

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Key West, Fia., May 31.- Although Cuba is to be invaded the movement is to 'be of a peaceful kind, if possible. Unless conditions change the men will do but Httle fighting. Santiago has at present 5,000 or more troops, but it is not expected that they will cause mueh trouble. No help can be sent there by Blanco in time, as there are no connecting railroads. The American ships will be convoyed by enough ships to destroy any fleet Spain could send there. Two of the biggest warships will accompany them. They have strict orders to be on the lookout for torpedo-boats, as it is known that one or more vessels under Cervera are not at Santiago. The blockading squadron is in the same danger because of the queer formation of the harbor. from which torpedo-boats can emerge unseen. The entrance of the harbor may be guarded by sunken hulls. Cienfuegos is also being blockaded as well as the usual ports of northern Cuba. Invasión near Havana is utterly shelved at present. The importance of Santiago is due only to the fact that the Spainsh fleet happens to be there. As a base of supplies it is rather far away. Cienfuegos would be far more important, because it is nearer and is connected by railroad with Havana.


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