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He Was At Home

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When Mr. FĂ©lix Mahouey -was a speial pension examiner, he had a bit of an experience whioh deserves a place in the singular ooinoideuce list. It happened up in Connecticut. Mr. Mahoney and a temporary hireling of his were driving along a country road in a sleigh, when in a snow filled cut the conveyance broke down. In the field beside the road Mr. Mahoney caught sight of a man's head. He lifted up his voice and callbd to the man. The head rose slowly, higher and higber, till its owner's entire figure was revealed, as he cliinbed out of a grave he had been digging. " Where does Jim Smith live?" roared Mr. Mahoney. "Hey?" said the gravedigger, for of course he was deaf. You never heard of a gravedigger in a story who wasn't. "Where does Jim Smith live?" roared the pension examiner again, fortissimo. The gravedigger pointed to the nearest house. "Well," said he, "that's.nis honse over there. " "Is heat home?" bellowed Mr. Mahoney. "Oh, yes," said the gravedigger. "He's at home. I'm just digging his grave.11


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