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Uonsidering tnat tne mnaDitants 01 the middle kingdom use the razor more than any other nation in the world, it is passing strange that they never discovered the advantages of Jathering first, says the Windsor Magazine. Dabbing a warm wet cloth on the chin or the scalp is a poor substituto for soap. Hair cutting, as we practice it in the west, is to them "all unknown, " except in a 'ew localities where foreigners are numerous. A traveler when in the province of Kwantung sent for a man to shear his locks, and he began nibbling away at his scalp without troubling about sucb a trifling as a comb. At the third snip the man stopped him and asked him if he had ever cut a foreigner'a hair before. Oh, yes. When was that? Oh, last year, when he cut the bair of a Germán customs offlcer who had died. But in tbe matter of shaving there are few more deft - considering the latherless way he does it and the fact that he uses a little three cornered soft iron knife as a razor - tban the Chinese figaro. Was not the chief of all hia tribe ennobled by an emperor ages back Eor dexterously cleaving a mosquito that dad settled on the imperial nose? One advantage gained by patronizing the Chinese barber - in the case of Europeans - is he doesn't mind coming to your room every morning and shaviug yon before you wash and dress. But the native also geiierally waits to be rasee before washing, 3ven if he has to wait a week. Mothers lose their dread for "that terrible second suinmer" wheu they have Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry in the house. Nature's specifio for bowel oomplaints of every sort.


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