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Very Tall Kneeling

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One of the offlcers of the rebellion had a private in his company wboni the boys jestingly nained "Little Mack," because of his bigness. He was the tallest man in the company - about 6 feet 3 inches - and one of the bravest in the regiment. On one occasion when the men were ordered to kneel down behind a stone fence in preparation for an expected assault the officer, who was preparing a surprise for the enemy, on inspecting the line was astonished to see one larga, serene face above the top of the fence. He shouted out angrily, "There, you - yon man with the head up, kneel down, sirl" The man did not move, and again the officer thundered, "Why don't you kneel down, sir?" Oblivious to any dauger and blind to the significance of his head being exposed, "Little Mack" answered, "I ain kneeling down." "Then, " shouted the offlcer, "put yonr head down, or you will have it shot off, confound you!" Thereupon "Little Mack" curled down behind the fence, grieving because


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