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Mistook The Mule

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Deacon Jackson was a very pious but very deterrnined oíd colorea citizen of Owl Creek valley. He had a youug inule which bis boys were uuable to ride, and tbeir failure to break the animal so exasperated the oíd man tbat be determiued to ride it himself. He was, however, do sooner located on its back tbaii he was thrown into an adjoiniug lot, where be was picked up with both legs broken and bis neck badly sprained. "Wbat on enrth did sucb an old man as you mean by trying to ride a wild young m'nle like tbat?' ' asked the doctor. "Waal, snh, " said Deacon Jacksou, "I never does undertake to do nuthin widout fust consultin ov de Lawd an seeiu wbut be duu tbuuk erbout hit. I axed him ef I orter ride dat mule what tuy triflin no ercount boyscouldu't ride, an de Lawd he sed, 'Yessah, ' jes' ez plaiu ez I am talkin to you. ! "Wèll, but be seems to have given you bad advice. " "No, doctor, bis judgmeut was all rigbt, ter de Lawd kuows dis ole uigger never seed de day wben be was afeered to straddle anythingfroru a circular saw up to er elephant, but dis time I think de Lawd was jes' mistookeu in de mulé."


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