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Where Women Rule

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While studyiug social conditions ia oriental lands Dr. Alice B. Stookham was dvised by Tolstoi to visit the NaiiMs on the Malabar coast of India, and witness a type of civilization unknown elsewhere among the inhabitants of earth. Here, according to a writer, the husband ia a mere incident in the social organization. Woman's power is autocratie and absolute. She wins or divorces a husband at will. She frames aud administers the laws by which he lives, and through her is the descent ol the property, which he may earn, but not own. The ricefield is his active arena, and H industrious and frugal - proving himself capable of maintaining a family - someNaiar maid invites him, to become her husband. The successful man of eligible years is wooed and won as is the fortúnate and accomplished naaiden of our country. The irupropriety of manifesting affection for a woman before it is solicited is thoroughly instilled into the mind of the Naiar man, and, while the strife between natural tendencies and national custom may sometirnes approach the nature of an irrepressible confliot, to yield ia rnin and humiliation irreparable. The eligible bachelor must await an avowal of love and choice and suffer in silence if it be long withheld. The Naiars are of Brahmán origin and mueh above the average inhabitants of India in intelligence aud iu tbe adininistration of their native governruent. Better native schools are fouud here than elsewhere in India, and a surprisiug degree


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