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The rniuers as vvell as the mine owners operating in northern Idaho are peculiarly iuterested in rational and effective methods of forest protection to what rernains of the public timber lands, aud as producers of national wealth have a righc to deniand it. They have tbe result of years of wanton forest destruction before their eyes aud can see tbemselves confrouted with a timber shortage before rnauy years that threateus their commercial aud industrial life. That such a condition is fast approaching ueeds no prophetic visión to foresee. The estent of burued forest land the past 16 years as developed in these regions is an evidence tbat requires no supportiug argument to make effective. Tbat niauy tbousands of acres of forest still exist in the Coeur d'Alene basins does not weaken the fact of au irnpending timber sbortage. üuder the present conditions two or tbree dry seasons would suffice to wipe out tbe largor portion by far of what remains of tbe forests in tbis part of the state. There is not yet adequate protection or supervisión, and public sentiment upon these points is not yet sufficieutly aroused. -


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