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An Ancient Bank Note

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On Thursday of last week State Treasurer Steel received a ratber auoient bill for redemption. It was a $5 note issued by the Government Stook Bank of Ann Arbor and was reoeived from Thomas Farrell, of WashiDgtoü, N. J., who asks tbat $5 of the coio of the realm be given hitn for it. The bill ia signed by H. Bailey, deputy state treasurer, and J. A. Fleming, president of the bank. An indorsement shows that it is "secured wholly by the pledge of the United States stocks," and that it is 1 signed and registered in the state treasnry. It was issned Sept. 1, 1850. Deputy Treasurer Steel is raakiug an investigation to ascertain if he bas authority toredeem the bill. The bank above mentioned was one of the numeróos wildcat banks wbioh flourished in thie state abont that period, when if a man had aoy money at tbe olose of bis day's business it was just as well that he should spend it before he went to bed, or he might wake up in the morning and find that it was no good. The bank was looated at tbe corner of E. Ann st. and N. Fonrth ave., in what is now the Ailington boase.


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