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Real Estate Transfers

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Charlotte Butler to Bradley Way, Bridgewater, $35, five acres of land in section 36. Wm. McCollum by administrator to Charlotte Bentler, Bridgewater, $435, five acres of land in section 36. Thos. A. Boyle aDd wife to .T. C. Rolfe, Ann ArDor, $1,400, lot 80, B. Hall's subdivisión. J. T. Jacobs and wife to the Xi Pei Pbi fraternity, Ann Arbor, $8,000, lot 7 and w 3 rods of lot 8, block 6, Harou st., Ann Arbor Land company's add. Elam S. Worden to Geo. W. Marsh, Salem, $l,parcel of land sections 9 and 4. Wm. F. Bass to CatheriDe Buss, Soio $1, parcel of land section 19. James R. Sage and wife to Orville W. Sage, Ann Arbor, $100, parcel of land Third ward. Orville W. Sage to Carrie E. Sage, Ann Arbor, $1, parcel of land Third ward. Randolph Cook and wife to Albert E. Cook and wife, Sharon, $4,000, parcel of land seotions 9 and 5. Frank J. Allmand to Anna M. Allraand, Ann Arbor, $1, paroel of land city and town. Charles H. Carven and wife to Mathew Rentschler and wife, Saline, Ê1.000, lot 6 and part of lot 7, seotion 11. James E. Albright and wife to Chas. K. Ohemke and wife, Augusta, $100, paroel of land seotion 7. Jacob Lutz and wife to Henry Lutz, Freedom, $3,400, 113 acres sections 15 and 22. Daniel Sackett, by administrator, to Theodore R. Stanton, Dexter, $300, lot 1. Ira Aldrich, by administrator, to Henry Keedle, Ann Arbor, $250, lot 12 and 13, blook 9, Brown & Fuller's add. Julia E. Krapf to Edwin C. Krapf, Ann Arbor, $1,800, paroel of lanö Fonrth ward. Mary H. Clark et al. to Phoebe E. Lane, Manchester, $400, 20 acres in section 26. Obadiah Wheeler and wife to Darius Taylor, Manchester, $125, 40 aores of land. Obadiah Wheeler and wife to Asber Taylor, Manchester, $50, 10 acres of land. Olivia B. Hall to Maywin T. Ardis, lot 6, Olivia B. Hall's subdivisión, Ann Arbor city, $1,200. M. J. Lebinan and wife to Frank P Glazier, paroel of land in village o: Chelsea, original plat, $335. Calvin M. Lowe to Mary E. Lowe, 40 aores seotion 22, Augusta, $700. Franklin L. Parker, by execntor, to Sterling Bullock, lot 12, hlock 6, S Hurón 6t., Maynard's 2d add., $1. Jos. J. Ellis, by exeoutor, to Sterling Bullook, Iota 3, 4, 5, 6, 19, block 6, S Hnron st., also part of lot 18, blook 7 $1,500.