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Wesley Hicks will be the paving inspector for the city. Rev. Harry E. Bell speaks at the Y. M. C. A. rooms Sunday afternoon. A new patent for a cuitain fixture has just been granted to Justin R. Ballis, of tuis city. Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, will deliver the oration at the ïlorthville oelebration, Monday. Steps are being taken to reorganice Company A f rom its old members so ae to retain the armory. William T. Whedon, of Norwood, Mass., and Mrs. Florence Loomis of Boston, were married last Thursday. Edwin C. Krapf, of this city, and Miss Florence Hayden, of Ypsilanti, were married Tuesday, and will reside at 621 Detroit st. Marshal Sweet made complaint Wednesday against Binder & Kearns for keeping open saloon last Sunday. They waived eximination. Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, bas been appointed one of the 19 delegates froru Miohigan to the World's Sanday School Conv8ution at London, England, beginning Jaly 11. Judge J. Willard Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, received a telegram yesterday from Major John P. Kirk, whioh stated tbat the 31st Regiment will be at Chiokamanga Park for 15 days yet. Sophie Lyons, the notorioas, well known here since her famons trial in tbis oirouit coort, was arrested in New York while attending the funeral of Col. Cruger in Trinity churoh, Tuesday. An Ann Arbor dispatoh to the Detroit News says that A. F. Freeman, of Manchester, will be the Pingree oandidate for state senator in this dietriot te sucoeed Senator Andrew namnhñll. L. C. Goodrich leavea the eniploy of E. F. Mills & Co., today, af ter spending nearly a quarter of a oentury in that etore. On September 1, he opens a looal ageucy for the olothing fltm of Wanamaker & Brown, ooonpying a part of M. Sohaller's book store. He will prove a busting local manager. Hon. Joseph T. Jaoobs gave a ohattel mortgage JMonday, on his stook of boots and shoes for $2,200 to seonre oreditors. The Btore was olosed for inventory but the oreditors will permit him to carry on the business as the assets are ampie to cover all indebtedness. Mr. .Taoobs' friends, who are legión, regret his misfortnne oansed largely by depreciation in bis real estáte investments, and hope for a turn in the wheel of fortune. Tbe proBpeots for the summer sohool are excellent. There will be no sbaving or hair autting in Ann Arbor Joly 4. The American bonse bas been greatly mproving its dining room and dtchen. Congressman Spalding was in De:roit and Wynndorte Tuesday, fixing up ais Wayne u inuty fenoes, whiob be understands bo to do. John M. Uuuld, stadent of the U. of M., baas turchased the "Pisber" property on the outskirts of Ypsüanti. Consideration, $10,000. The State Life and Fire Insurance Coinpuny, of Indiana,Jwas admitted to do business in Michigan by Insuranoö Commissioner Campbell Monday. Owosso American: The two new combination coaches recently built for the Ann Arbor road were turned out of the shops today. The cars oontain bertbs and will do service on the nortb end of tbe road. Michael Brodbeck, for many years janitor of the second ward school, died of consmption Monday after an illness of three years, aged 53. Tbe funeral services were held at the Zion church Wednesday afternoon. The Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbo electric railway had its first accident Monday when a oar struok James Avery, aged 80,'near Wayue. He was deaf and didn't bear the car. It is thought that he will recover. The Universty Oamedy Clnb gave two excellent and well attended performanoes of "All the Comforts of Home" at the Athens Theater, Wednesday afternoon and evening. The afternoon attendance was a partioularly swell aftair. The St. Thomas picnic at Whitmore Lake on July 4, to whioh everybody is invited, will prove one of the ruost enjoyable celebrations of the Fourth which oonld be planned. The railroad fare has been redaoed to 25 cents for the ronnd trip. Libbie Wolske, ot Salem, has filed an appeal in the circnit oourt from deoision made iu Justice Munn's oonr at Salem. Sbe replevined a horse anc oow from James McFadden and the de cisión of the justioe oourt was in favo of the defendant. Thomas Rabbitt, of Dester, bas ap pealed to the cirouit court from Judg Newkirk's deuision in the Mary Rab bitt Vfill oase. The will gave Thoma more than the liou's share of a $60,00 estáte and made him execntor. Hi sisters were only given 500 each. At the meeting of the board of publio works Wednesday evening the city attorney was iustrncted to ascertain and make a report relativo to the legality of raoving buildings through the pnblic streets. Also to see if an ordinanoe preveutiug the same wonld be legal. Newkirk & Lehman will open a law office in the Aun Albor Savings Bank blook, after July 4, in tbe rooms now oooutiied by Hon. W. G. Doty, who will take other rooms in the sama block. The new flrm is oomposed of Probate Judge Newkirk and Probate Register Lehman, and a good firm it will make. A great big picnic, dioner 25 cents, oonsisting of ohicken pie, beef, ham, etc., a good program at 3:30 p. m. and a cake walk in the evening for a $5 prize. This is part of the enjoyrnent to be found at Whitmore Lake July 4th. Everybody shoold go and have a good time. Fare to the lake will be 25 cents for the round trip. Trains will leave Ann Arbor depot at 8:43 and 10 a. m and at. 12 :15 and at 4 :56 p. m. Returning the trains leave Whitmore Lake at 8:15 p. m and at 10:00 p. m. The following is the sohedule of union sarvioes for the summer iu Ann Arbor: July 3, J. M. Gelston at the' Congmgational ohurch; July 10, J. W. Bardshaw, at the M. E. cburoh ; July 17, W. M. Foriest, at the Baptist obnrch; July 24, T. W. Yonng at the Prebyterian churoh ; July 81, B. L. MoElroy at the Congregational ohuroh ; Angust 7, W. L. Tedrow at the Methodist obnroh; August 14, .7. M. Gelston at the Baptist ohurch; August 21, W M Forrest at the Presbyterian churoh; Auwust 28, T. W. Young at the Congregatioual ohurch; September 4 J W Bradshaw at the Methodist churoh; September 11, W. L. Tedrow i at the Baptist churoh: September 18, B. L. McElroy . at the Presbyterian ohuroh. L. Emily Lodholz has flled a bill for divorce from her husband, Henry G Lodholz, alleging cruelty. H. C. Exinger is about to ereot a two ory brick addition 45 feet long, to the ear end of bis store on N. Main st. Saturday's rain did oonsiderable amage to the bazaar stock in the basement of Mack & Co. 's fnrnitnre store. Anu Arbor people shonld spend the onrth at Whimore Lake. They will ave a fine time and help a wortby ause. Hnngry but thievish boys, stole a reezer fnll of orange ioe and some ake from the Ladies' Aid Sooiety of ie Churoh of Christ Monday evening. The board of review after diligent ff ort increased the assessment rolla preared by Assessor O'Hearn about $90,)00. Ann Arbor has one of the best asessora in the state. The Bnpreme oonrt has adjonrned nntil Jnly 12, leaving the motion for a bange of venue in the Stookwell case nd the case of Bryant Walker vs. the City of Ann Arbor nndecided. Attorney General Maynard has decidd that nnder the lew passed by the ast repnblican legislature, it is unlawnl for farmers to shootcrows, aud that anyway the ciow is of great benefit to the farmers. The Ann Arbor Railroad will run an excursión to Toledo, Lake Erie Park and Casino on Sanday next, at tbe rate nf ir, npnts fnr the ronnd triD. ohildten onder 12 years balt rate. The train will leave Ann Arboi at 10:25 a. m. The Argos will be found after next Monday in the office 329 S. Main st., now occupied by tbe Wasbtenaw Times, whioh will remove to the office in the Opera house block now occopied by the Argus. Come and see os in onr new qnarters. The postal rules relatingto regiatered packages has now been changed so tnat the value of the registered package shonld be stated on the ontside and if lost, which very rarely happens, the government will pay the value of the paokage up. to $10. The board of publio works has oonferred with the property owners who will be affeoted by the proposed bridge over the Ann Arbor railroad on W. William st., also with the railroad oompany and all parties are favorable to the plan. The city engineer and tbe engineer of the railroad coinpany are now asoertaining tbe cost of the bridge aud approaches and the whole matter wil! be snbmitted to the oommon oounoil at its regular meeting next Tuesday fwfiniue. The hill running frorn State street to the Michigan Central depot bas been badly washed by tbe raius so tbat it is very rough and stouy. George Haviland, driver of the ambulance, calis attention to the sufferiug oaused patents from the train for the hospital ia passing tip this rough roariway. Wheu Jones the oolored man who lost both feet and a band Saturday night was takan up this road, he cried out in i great agony. The ciroumstauces are I such that this roadway should be kept free from stones. Mrs. Bridget E. Corr died at her residence in this oity, 646 N. Fourth ave., on Friday, Jun9 24. Deceased was one of Ann Arbor's pioneers, having come bere in tbe tbirties with her parents.Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keating, from Georgetown, D C, the oity of ber birtb. 8he had ocoupied the premises on which sbe died over 40 years. She leaves one daughter and three sons, Mrs. Elizabeth Eisele, Bemard P., Frank T., and Timotüy E., and was a sister to Miss Mary A. and Doctor J. W. Keating, of Kingsley st. Times: Prof. Schaeberle, formerly of the U. of M. is here on his way east. He is at preseut direotor of the oelebrated Lick obseryatory iu California and is one of the most noted astronomers of the age. While at the U. of M. Prof. Sobaeberle was engaged in mapping tbe "doublé stars" of the Heavens. He was asked at one time how long he had beeu engaged iu this work "Every nigbt that it has not been clondy for the past seven and a half years" he answered. "And how muoh longer will it take to complet it?' "About flve years more." "How muoh do you expeot to reap out of the work flnanoially?" "Not a cent," said th astronomer. That illustrates what a man will do who is thoroughly in lov with his own speoial scienoe. The daily press of the state have organizad a oo-operative association. Chas. A. Ward has been reappointed seoretary of the democratie coonty ioiamittee. Edwin Krapf, of tbis city, was married to Miss Florence Hayden, of Ypsilanti, Tnesday. William Jennings Bryau ]ectnres before the Good Government Clnb of the nniversity next wiDter. Lawrence üniversity, of Appleton, Wis., has oonferred the honorary degree of A. M. upon Dr. R. S. Copeland. Goodspeed & Sons have pnrohased the Tracy farm in Pittsfield, jnst west of the Lake Shore crossing on tbe motor line. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank is disbursing its regular semi-annual tfividend of 5 per cent to its stockholders today. C. L. Oarrao, of tbe Portland Gafe, has leased the Hotel Riverside, St. Clair Plats, and will olose tbe Portland for the summer. All telegraph aDd telephone poles are being removed from the Main Bt. paving district to the alleys to comply with the ordinance. - Adam HartmanD and Miss Fredericka Wild were married last Thursday evening Rev. A. L. Nicklas officiatiDg at the ceremony. John W. Mann and Miss Marie Hoeltzer were married by Rev. A. L. Nicklas at the Zion Lutberan ohurch last Tnursday evening. Dnring the rebuilding of their drng store Mann Brothers will occupy No. 308 S. Main Bt., jnst sonth of Maok & Co's furniture store. The Times eays Marshal Zenns Sweet's waist measnre is 48 inbes wben he is not swelled np. He should wear corsets for this embonpoint. Anson D. Besimer, formerly alderman of the seoond ward of Ann Arbor bas jast been appointed record clerk in the controller's offioe, Detroit. The roembers of the local oamp of Modern Woodmen decorated the graves of their deceased brothers in Forest Hill cemetery on Snnday afternoon. The physics laboratory of the univerity have jast reoeived $500 wortb of instrninents froua Jena inclnding thermometers whioh read to one-hnndredth of a degree. The engagement of Dr. Alfred S. Warthin, of this city, to Dr. Catberine Angelí, of Chicago, is announced. AIso that of Miss Alargacet Carhart to Mr. Cooper. Airs. Florence S. Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, has abandoned tbe idea of giving an excursión to Cbickaruagaa Park on aocount of the low ratea offered by the railroads to that point. Mrs. Margaret Bross, of 544 W. Second at., died Saturday aged 68 years. The funeral services were held Monday afternoon and the interment was in the Scio cemetery. Children playing with matches set fire to some old clothes in the cellar of Charles Balfranz' honse 204 Cbapin st. The fire department was soon on tbe scene and the fire was easily extinguished without any damage to speak of. A fonr weeks' teaohers' institnte will oonimence iu this oity Monday, Jnly 18, ib charge of Connty Cornmissioner Listor. Others in charge of the work will be Supfc. W. J. MoKoue, of Mason, Miss Harriet Pltmkett, of Ypsilanti, and Prof. W. H. Hawks, of Ann Arbor. This ofiioe floesn't claim tu be the only place on eaith wbere yon oan get good printing, but it does give first olass work and fnll valne for the rnoney, and guarantees satisfaction and reasonable prioes. Bring your next order to this offloe and let us prove onr assertions. The senior laws oalled on Hon. A. J. Sawyer at his home on Saturday evening and presented him with a fine group picture of the olass. This was in token of their appreciaton of his having acted as sponsor for them wben they were adrnitced to toe car ar jjansiug.ou Thursday of last week. Annie Stapish, of Chelsea, began snit here Monday against the Michigan Central Railroad Co. for $50,000 damages. George W. Stapish, her husband, was injured in 1888 by a Michigan Central wreek at Kalamazoo. His widow olaiins that his Öeath in 1893 in tbis oity was directly caused by this wreek. The Detroit Legal Co. News has been incorporated. Gny B. Thompson, Sylanns W. Curtís and Arubiose Egge are the inoorporators. The capital stook is $2,500. The two first nained gentlemen are well known in Ann Arbor, Mr. Thompson is a son of Col. B. M. Thompson, of the law department, and Mr. Cnrtis was at one time oue of tüe proprietors of the Argus. Times: Some stndents coming home on a motor oar wbioh was stalled for a long time, and being supperless, they craved sustenance. They conld fiud nothing but a very large oan of milk which was being transported to this oity. They had no cup, bnt puiling the top out, which was hollow, tbey drank about a qnart of oteam whioh aad risen to au immense tbickaess and thns were saved froin starvation. Postmasters at all monoy order oftïoes have been notified that beginning July 1, 18.9S, they innst charge an additional fee of two ceuts for each and every money order issued by them until otherwise ordered, and after July 1 all money orders issned by United States post office departments for soms to be paid in certain foreign oountries includiug Belgium, Franoe, Germany Italy or Switzerland, may obtain a postal order for a smaller amount in United States money than bas hitberto fore been paid for an order of a lik surn. Absolute safety is guaranteed by the United States government.