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Corner Stone Laid

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The gronnds in the vioinity of the new Presbyterian church at Saline were oocnpied on Sunday by a congregation of about 2,000 people, who had assembied to witness the laying of the corner stoDe of that ediflce by the Grand Lodge offioers F. & A. M. of Michigan. The ceremonies were to have coinmenced at 3:30o'clock, but owing to the nnavoidable delay cansid by the late arrival of some of the officers from Detroit, it was an honr later than that before the ceremonies oommenced. About 4:20 the Masons filed out of tbe Masonic hall and when the procession was formed there were 200 of the anoient and honorable fraternity in line. Every lodge in the oounty had its representativos there - both lodges in Aun Arbor, both lodges in Ypsilanti, the Chelsea, Manohester and Milan lodges, in addition to the Saline lodge. Thft grand lodge offioers fur the oocasion were Deputy Grand Master Frank T. Lodge, of Detroit, aoting grand master; H. Wilt Newkirk, of Ann Arbor, depnty grand master; Charles Lambert, of Ypsilanti, grand senior warden; Warren W. Wadhams, Ann Arbor, erand junior warden; George B. Rhead, of Ann Arbor, grand secretary; M. M. Read, of Ypsilanti, grand treasurer; O. A. Kelly, of Milan, grand senior deaoon; J. H. Kingsley, of Manchester, grand junior deacon; James F. McGregor, of Detroit, grand marsbal; Rev. W. L. Tedrow, of Ann Arbor, grand ohaplain ; Ernmett Sohaffer, of Saline, grand architect; Wm. J. Jackson, Saline, grand tyler. The oereinonies opened with an antheiu by the onurch cboir, after which Rev. F. E. Dodge offered prayer. Addresses followed by Rev. R. K. Wharton, and Hon. E P. Allen, of Ypsilanti. During the latter address a collection for the benefit of the building fnnd was taken up which aruounted to $63. The oeremonies were then turned ovar to the Masonic body. Tbe opening ode was suns bv tbe Masonic anartet of Ann l.or,L. D. Wines, E. C. Mntschel, George F. Key and Engeue Kooh. Grand Master Lodge then addressed the congregation andstated that the Grand Lodge F. & A. M. bad been requested to lay tbe oorner stone of the churob inaoooidanoe vvitb the aücient usages of tbe order and the grand marshal duly made proolamation of the same.commanding silence and decorum while the ceremonies weie in progress, Rev. W. L. Tedrow, grand chaplain, then offered prayer and the quartet sang "Thy Will Be Done." S. R. Crittendeu, chairrnan oL the building oommittee, next presented a copper boxcontaining varióus records, a copy of the Saline Observer, and United States silver coins of 1898, whicb were placed in a oavity in the stone with the grand honors. The stone wastben plaoed in position and laid by Grand Master Lodge, after whioh it was squared, leveled and plumbed by the deputy grand master and senior and junior vcardens. The elements of conseoration, oorn, wine and oil, were then soattered by tbe same three officers. The quartet sang an ode and tbe grand master declaied the corner stone to have been well and truly laid and caused the grand marshal to make proclamation of the same after wbich tbe benediction was pronounced by the grand master. The sineine of the doxolosy by the gation and the benedictioo by Rev. W. W. Wettnore olosed the ceremonies whioh were fraugnt with so muoh that is vital and int8resting to the pastor Rev. T. B. Leith and hiscongreegation. After the ceremonies the Masons maorhed back to the lodge room and from there went to the opera honse where ampie and toothsome refceshments were served to the visitiog brothers and their ladies by the Saline lodge.


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