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Pioneer Log House

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A gang of 10 men onder the direction of Superintendent F. E. Mills and Adna O. Markham are at work on the fair gronnds jast now, doing something that bas not been done before in 50 years in this oity, and that is hevving the logs and ├Âreoting a log house When this house is completed it wil have engraved on a 40 ft. white oak log across the dourway the insoription "Erected in Honor of Pioneersof Wash tenaw, 1898." That insoription ex plains wbat the building is and tha the work has progressed so far as it ha is evidence that those who have had th matter of ereoting a pioneer iog bnild ing in hand have been suocessfnl in getting the necessary timber togethe I and in laising the funda to do the work. The building will be 28x40 feet in size and rests on a briok foundation. It will beftom 16 to 18 feet high aud the ridge pole of the roof will be 9 ft. 4 in. above the level of the roof plate. It will be roofed with sbingles. A stick ohimney rising np from an old fashioned hearthstone 4x8 feet in size, will be erected on the ontside of the building at one end. There will be an 8 feet wide veranda along tthe front side of the house, and the building will be floored with either Norway pine or hardwood. All but 12 of the logs are now on tbe Rronnd and the first log was laid this tnornfng. The longest logs are 40 feet long and there are 12 of these; the others are 18 and 28 feet long. There will be two doorways direotly opposite each other on either side of the building. Tbe base logs on the sides are 40 feet long, above them for 7 feet up to the door pi ates 18 feet logs are used and tben above them 40 feet logs are again used nntil the roof plate is reaohed. On the ends all the logs are 28 feet long. The logs are of several different kinds of wood: Black and white asb, black and white oak, pine, spruoe, elm, tamarack and soft maple. They were olitained in Pittsfi6ld, Ann Arbor town, Ann Arbor oity, Soio and Nortbfield. Two of the 28 feet logs, one a pine pine the other a sprnce, were futnished by Christiau Ebetbch and were planted byhiin on his place on Paokardst., where they have grown to their present large proportions being over 28 feet long and oonsiderably over a foot thiok at their largest point. The logs will have inscribed on tbem the ├▒ames of the old pioneer3 of this connty who have oontributed to the ereotion of the building or whose obildren have ooutributed for fchern. The building will be dedicated at the time of the fair in September.


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