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CSg)í: s On holidays in EngV 5a - - ) an wo Porties of H ntfPk men or boys will fre tJM Hl 1uently get hold of ábfwm wihi PPosite ends of a x' JR WÊmBrÊw r0I-e am' Pu" on B3 Vr as a es "le C- strength of the lwo ■' , i f parties. They cali it ' the " tug of war." Many a hardworking man and woman in each day's toil, is pulling a "tug of war" with death for an antagonist. They fail to take proper care of their health. When they suffer from indigestión or a slight bilious attack they " wear it out." After a while these disorders wear out the reckless man or woman and the result is consutnption, malaria, rheumatism, or some blood or skin disease. Dr. Pierce's Comfflon Sen9e Medical Adviser tells all about these diseases. It is free to all. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures all the maladies named. It cures the cause. It makes the appetite hearty, the digestión perfect, the liver active and the blood pure. It is the great blood-maker, flesh-builder and nerve tonic. Don 't let a druggist impose on you with a more profitable substitute. " I had a very severe pain in the small of my back, where my hips jom on to my body, and it liurt o that I thought I was going to come apart," writes Wm. Z. Powers, Esq., of Erin Snades, .Henrico Co., Va. " My doctor came and proraounced it rheumatism. He gave me a prescription, but I got no better, but worse. I purchased a bottleof Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery from my druggist and commenced to use it. I began to improve at once and got well. Now I am in perfect health,- no pain, no rheumatism." Nearly every disease known to doctors and the treatment is described in Doctor Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. One thousand and eight pages and over three hundred illustrations. Free. Send twenty - one one - cent stamps, to cover mailing only, to the World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y., for paper - covered copy. French cloth binding ten cents extra. This book ís a veritable medical library in one volume.


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