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Othello A Real Person

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Some time ago there was a report that aa ancient manuscript had been found in Venice containing the true history of Othello. This report has lately been conflrmed. The lucky discoverer is the historian Caesar Augustus Levi. He accidentally discovered the manuscript, not in a convent, as was at flrst reported, but in the archives of a patrician family in Venice. Levi will make use of nis flnd in a work on Othello, which he intends to publish shortly. That Othello and Desdemona, whose real name was Palma, really existed, is clearly proved. Even the mad jealousy of Othello is historical. It is true that he did not murder his wife, but he often beat her cruelly. Levi also found the certifícate of baptism ot the son which Palma (Desdemona) bore to the Moor, and he supposes that Shakespeare got the material for Lis play from the Venetian embassy in London. Till now almost all Shakespearean Btudent have inclined to the belief that the poet borrowed his plot from a novel of the Italian, Giraldi Cinthio, who lived from 1504 till 1573.


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