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The Evuleiice of Our Senses What Auu Arbor People Say is Gootl Proof for Ann Arbor. Wlien we see it ourselves. When our own ears hear it. When our neighbors teil it. Our friends endorse It. No better evidimcecan be had It's not wbat. people say in M:üne Or distant mutteriogs from California No deceivinf; echoes here. Ann Arbor talk of Ann Arbor people. Public opinión published for the public good. There is no proof like home proof. Home testimony is at the back of every box of Doan's Kidney Pilis. Can y ou Relieve your neiirhbors? Eead thia statement made by a Citizen: Mrs. Geo. Carpenter, of No. 1133 Forest Ave., says: "For tour or üve y e ars past I have suffered from kidney trouble. The pains across my loins were at times so severethat! coulc hardly straighten up or bend over The twinges oïten extended up undei rny shoulder blades and down through my thighs. I also suffered a goot deal from severe cramping of the muscles of my limbs. Headache anc dizziness were of frequent occurtence I could not rest comfortably at niglit and often got up in the morning feeling worse than when I went to bed. The kidney secretions becarne highly colored, scanty and deposited a heavy sediment. I used a number of different medicines but they did not do me any good. I saw Doan's Kidney Pilis so highly recommended for troubles like mine that I went to Eberbach & Son's drug store and procured a box. I soon began to teel better and improved steadily. Since using this remedy I have feit splendid and I can recommend it to others very highly."


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