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To Mackinac

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FOR A SUMMEK CRUiSE TAKE THE COAST Lüu TVTW STEEL - (- COMPOST. PASSENGER SPEED STEAMERS J aai SAFETV The Qreatest Perff ction yet attained in Boat Construction - Luxurious Hqulpment, Artitlc Fu.-nlship.g, Decoration i.d Eiiicient Service. To Detroit, piacRip, Bemglai Bas, Pelostej, Ciicap Ko other Line offers a panorama of 460 miles of equal variety and interest Four Trips per Week Petwee Day and Nicht Servios B=twcen Toledo, Detroit and Mackinac DETiíOST AND CLEVELAND PETOSKEY, "THESOO " MARQUETTE 1,50 Fnch Direction. AND DULUTH Berths, 75c, Si. Stateroom, $1.75. Connectionsare made at Cleveland with LOw RATES to Pictureique Mackinac Earliest Traius for all points East, South ■nd Return, ncludingMealsand Berths. and Southwest, and at Detroit for all Approximate Cost from Cleveland, $17; points North and Northwest. from Toledo, $14; from Detroit, $12.50. SundayTrlpsJune, July, Aug.,Sept.Oct.Only EVERY DAY AND NIGHT BETWEEN CLEVELAND, PUT=IN=BAY AND TOLEDO. Send K. for Hlustrated Pamphlet. Address nprn ftprj pipirplnnf) onviníltlnil PnüinnilV A. A. 8CHANT2. . P-. .. DETROIT, MIOH. UDllUll UIIU UlCUbiUllU UUVlLJUllUli uUHIUullj.


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