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Marriage Service Blunders

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An English clergyman reeen tl y related some of the blunders he had heard made in the marriage service by persons of the class who have to piek up the words as best they can from hearing them repeated by others. He said that in nis own parish it was quite the fashion for the man, when giving the ring, to say to the woman, "With my body I thee wash up, and with all my hurdle goods, I, thee and thou." He said the women were better up in this part of the service than the men. One day, however, a bride startled him by promising, in what she supposed to be the language of the prayer-book, to take her husband "to 'ave and to 'old from this day fortni't for betterer norse, for richerer power, in siggerness health, to love cheries, and to bay." What meaning this extraordinary vow conveyed to the woman's own mind, the incumbent said, it baffled him to conjecture.


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