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The republican state oonvention is to be held in Detroit Sept. 21. The yellows commissioners have ordered a nniaber of peach trees to be destroyed. D. E. Hand has seonred 552 oontraots for the New State Telephne Co. in JacksoD. The A. M. E. cburoh will bold religiouB servioes ou the island below Cedar Bend Sunday, Aug. 14, and a jubilee concert on the following evening. The remains of the late Mrs. George A. Cook arrived in Ypsilanti from California on Wednesday evening. The funeral services will be held in that city this afternoon. Miss Betsey JLee has deeded to the oity two aores of land contignous to Fairview cemetery, receiving in lien thereof a oemetery lot and tho oare of two lots whioh she now owns, The ordinance oorumittee bas been direoted to frame a law to regúlate the burning of rubbish or papers on the etreets. They should frame a law to abolish suoh praotioes altogether. Hnnter Jones, o" Jaokson, who had his legs out off on the Miohigan Central tracks here a few weeks ago has been disoharged froin the University hospital and has returned to Jackson. There were 10 deaths in Ann Arbor during the month of July, due to tbe following causes: Consumption, 1; accidental, 2; diabetes, 1; Bright's disease, 1 ; liver complaint, 1 ; apoplexy, 1 ; atberoma, 1. The oommon oounoil has denied the request for an extra patrolman for the Northside, but bas ordeied the city marshal to detail one of his present patrolmen to do duty on the Northsiae until midnight. The annual farmers' pionic of the counties of Washtenaw, Livingston and Oakland, will b6 beid at Whitmore Lake Saturday, Aug. 27. Good speakers will be in attendance. Program and furtber partioulars will be given later. City Attorney Butterfield has flled an opinión with the coaimon oounoil that in bis jndgment the sprinkling of streets by ansessments levied on adjaoent property wonld not be legal unless aü amendment was made to the oity oharter. Mr. Alfred Aotoa, of York, and Mrs. Rose Hatto, of this oity, were married last evening at 5 o'olook by the Rev. Henry P. Horton at St. Andrew's ohnroh. They took the 9 o'olook train for Niágara Falls. Returning next Tuesday they will make their future home at No. 1103 Foret ave. The cirouit oourt has adjoarned until Ang. 22. Eingling Bros.' circns will be here Angnst 27. Frank C. O'Neil has filed a bilí asking for a divorce from his wife Maty ü'Neil. There are now 130 teaohers in attendance at the teachers' institute being held in ube high school. The little fivfl year old danghter of Rev. B. Jj. MuEiroy joined the Methodist church on probation last Sanday. The Ann Arbor Railroad on Tuesday paid over to the state treasurer $30,893 on aooonnt of taxee for the current year. The costs in the case of Mensing vs. Michigan Central railway have been assessed at $105.88. It is said that the paving of Main st. between Catherine and Huron will be completed by September 1. Col. B. M. Thompson delivered a lecture on the "Law of the Jews, " in Tappan hall Tuesday night. William Wright, of this oity, was married July 23, to Mary Daff, of Chatham, Out., by Rev. J. W. Bradshaw. Williaru Marshall, Joeeph C. Soott, John Brown and Andrew Johnson were appointed special policemen for Emancipation Day. The court house will be olosed today from 2 to 5 p. m. on account of the funeral of Mrs. George A. Cook, wife of the register of deeds. The trees on the grounds surrounding the bandsome residence of Christian Eberbach on Packard st. have been trimmed, giving a runch improved appearance. Paul Abbott bas been appointed special delivery messenger in the Aun Arbor post offloe in the plaoe of Frank Wbitlark, wbo has been special messenger for the last fonr years. - Miss Minnie Werner, of S. Fourth j ve., entertained a number of frieuds ( t her home on Thnrsday evening of ast week. Among those present were uests from Salein and Detroit. Prof. A. B. Stevens read tbe report ( f the exeoutive oommittee before the nnual meeting of the Miohigan State j 'harmaoeutioal Association at Port , iuron tbis week and Prof. Sohlotterbeok read a paper on tea culture , ratad by stereopticon views. At the meeting of the common ] cil Monday evening tbe name of the . oemetery in the Fifch ward was ] ohanged to Fairvifiw 3nmetery and it , will in the fature be so known. The uggestion made in the Argus and otber papers that the name be so cbanged was thus followed ont. Tairview oemetery sounds well. The weekly erop bulletin of the Miohigan weatber service says that although the total preoipitation for the state during the past week was threequarters of an inob, it was very poorly distributed and quite inadequate to reieve tbe droughty oonditions that have prevailed for sume weeks. Thronghout ;he extreme soutbern tier of oounties showers were quite general and the benefit to crops very marked, but in all other oounties of the lower península j rain is badly needed. Mrs. Sarah F. Vaughu and family, of 507 Cbuich st., are away from bome. On Monday eveniug the house was entered and a quau.ity of ladies' wearing apparel was stolen. The goods were traoed by tbe sheriff 's oflioers to tbe Ann Arbor rairoad depot, and they then laid in wait to see who would oall for tbem. A young oolored'fellow who gave nis name as Kd. Smith, of (Jinoinnati, was gathered in as the resnlt of the offleers' patieuce and he was lodged in jail. He was taken before Justice Duffy Wednesday morning, and demanded an examination, it was eet for Aug. 16. The semi-annual report of Asst. Adjt. -General Pond, of the Miohigan department tí. A. ft., jnst forwarded to department heaqnarters, shows a gain over loases in mernbership for the first time sinoe 1892. The total rnembership is now 15,836; nnmber of posts, 388 ; a gain of four posts and 856 members in six roontbs, against 851 losses. The suspended list has been reduoed over oue-half. Meinbers on this list now number 1,975. There have been 185 deaths. The oash in the general fond is $9,232.17; relief, $2,000.64,; real estáte owned by order, $27,559.75; post room effeots, $43,205.17. Allmendinger & Sobneider are ereeting a large warehouse on Firet st. The editor wonld be pleased to C-U-B-A regalar snbsoriber to the Argas. Miss Otis, of tbe School of Masio, will sing iu the Baptist ohoir the oomug year. An examination for teachers' oertificates will be held at the oourt house Ang. 18 and 19. Miohigan day wae observed by the Y. P. S. C. E. of the Church of Cbrist on Sunday last with appropriate servioes. Mr. and Mrs. F. Stofflet will celébrate their silver wedding anniversary at their home on Lawrenoe se. next Friday evening. On Tnesday the first of the new Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbqr cars was run over the line to this oity to try the oor ves on the track. Regnlar rnorning servioes will be resnmed at the First Presbyterian churoh next Snuday morning. Miss Hedriok will sing at the services. The annual meeting for tne Epworth League of Ann Arboi district will be held in tbe M. E. ohuroh of this oity next Toesday and Wednesday. Rey. William H. Walker, of Emporia, Kansas, son of Mrs. H. C. Walker, of Ingalls st., preaohed in tbe Congregational ohurch last Sunday rnorning. The city of Ypsilanti paid $1,675 to Attorney Stivers Tuesday in settlement of the judgment against the city in the sidewalk case of Virgie Comiskie. The offioers of Paradise Lodge, Dangbters of Eebekah, of Hambnrg, were installed one evening last week by Mrs. C. S. Elmer, of tbis city, wbo is the district depnty. Mrs. Jane E. Barrows and son, of 323 Maynard st. , have moved baok to Detroit where Mr. Barrows, who graduated in the university in Jane, has a position as teacher in tbe high school. Miss Alice K. Larned, formerly of tbis city aud sister of N. B. Larnec and Mrs. Henry Bliton, was married a Chiokainanga Park, to Kev. J. Finley Reynolds, M. D., of Deoatnr, 111., a metnber of Co. K, Fifth Illinois Volun teers. Samuel B. Baoorn died Friday at 235 Twelfth st., of Bright's disease;aged 65 years. The funeral services were beid at the bonse the same evening and the remains were taken to Forest Home cemetery, near Ohioago, 111., for inter ment. Mrs. Margaret W. Hadley died Sunday at the residenoe of ber daughter Mrs. Wm. H. Wait, No. 904 Olivia Plaoe, of apoplexy, aged 58 years. The fnneral services were held at the house Monday af ternoon at 4 o'olook, Rev. H. P. Horton offioiating. The remains were taken to Peoria, 111., for interment. Mrs. Dorothea Ginsle Qwinner, wife of Gottlieb F. Gwioner, died Friday of oareiDoma of the liver, at the home of her danghter Mrs. Rossiter G. Oole, oorner Packard and Hill sts., aged 62 yeats, 6 montbs and 3 days. The funeral services were held at the house Sunday afternoon, Rev. A. L. Nicklas offioiating. A property owner of W. Hnron st. remarked to the Argus, that if defeotive sidewalks and noxiotts weeds were evidenoe, strangers wonld believe that there were no anthorities in the oity giving any actention to tbat street and W. Washington. A good lively damage snit for injuries would perhaps improve the sidewalks. Mrs. Gedtge Fuller, of Owosso, came to Ann Arbor Wednesday morning with her son Earl, to have his eyea examined at the hospital. A few months ago he hit a pieoe of steel with a hammer and a ohip flew into his eye siuoe I whioh time his sigbt bas been gradually failing. The dootors will make a final examination and hope to save the sight of the eye that was not injored. One of the gang of gamblers arrestet at Relief Park Monday. '"shor oüanged" a man at the Miohigan Ceu tral depot that morning and beat him out of $5. He reported the case to th Miohigan Central anthorities and De ; teotive J. C. Burroughs was detialec i on the oase. He looated the man in th l gang arrested by our offloers. The ma ; wbo was worked was satisfied with th ; way in which the gamblers wore pun ished and dropped his charge. a new oatü rnom ñas be8n pnt into ;he M. E. parsonage. The annual exoorsion giveu by the ooal Y. JM . C. A. is to come ofE saine irue this month. The family of Fred Maser, of Ann Arbor town, whioh has been so sorely fflioted with typboid fever, is now imjroving. The Times offers tbe prizeof a "real, nioe, round, wbite, oold snowball" for ;he flrst correct answer as to wbo is 'stnck" on plank sidewalks. The farmer who stiofcs to bad roads jeoause good ones oost a little money, might as well out bis wtieat with a oradle beoanse a reaper wonld cost something. Tbe last nnmberof "A College Town ■"nlpit" was tbe farewell sermón delivered by Rev. J. T. Snnderland to his oongregation of the Unitarian ohnroh. lts title was "Saved by Hope." Aid. Cady has reoently pnrchased 10 aores of land lyiog between Paokard and 8. State st., north of Hamiltou Park, which he vtill have platted and tbe will plaoe lots oa the market for sale. A namber of the members of Ann Arbor Lodge, B. P. O. Elks, will attend the fantastio parade of Detroit Lodge of Elks whioh takes plaoe on Woodward are., Detroit, this evening. Some of thera will also take in the annaal carnival at Bennett park tomorrow. ruw. A resident of Kranse st. , Second ward, filed a petition witn tbe city olerk Tuesday to have that thorough'are put in a passable condition. In doing so he said that tbe street was so aad that even Col. Jndson's Rough Riders wouM have hard work travelïng along it. Oonrier: A oustomer tried to pass an English half penny npon an Ypsianti merchant reoently for a qnarter. The ooin had been plated with silver, and being soinewhat worn, appeared muoh like a twenty-five cent piece. The man evidently tbought that the ü. S. and Bngland had flnally come tojether. The Michigan Central Railroad has paid the inoreased taxes assessed against t by the Merriman bill without a pr otest. The amonnt was $278,000. The company paid the tax althoogh in the opinión of its counsel, Henry Russel, it was not bound by the provisions of the bill on aooonnt of its special charter. Livingston Demoorat: A pnblic meeting was held at Suuth Lyon last Priday to oonsider the proposition of the Lansing, Dexter & Ann Arbor eleotric railway. This begins to look as tbongh tbe oompany bas given np part of the otber route. Here is hoping the line of tha road will take in son, Pettysville and Hamburg. Mr. Edward C. Townsend añd Miss CatberineGeiger, both of Coluuibus, N. C, were married at the residenoe of William Otis, on S. Univeisity ave., Tuesday evening, by Rev. B. L. McElroy. Mre. Otis is a sister of tbe bride. After a brief visit among friends in the north, they will retmn to their southern home, where they are engaged in teaching. When the case of the City vs. Wm. W. Whedon for violation oL the stone sidewalk ordinance oame np for hearing in Justioe Dnffy's oonrt Tnesday, it was adjourned nntil Tharsday next. Marshal Sweet has also made oomplaint againflt Mary Kingsley for violation of the ordinanoe, bot it will not be prooeeded with nntil after the Whedon case is diEposed of. Supervisor C. L. Tuoruy, of Ann Arbor town, who is also its health offioer, has had the water in 3. Pred Maser's well analysed at the U. of M. laboraory and it was fouud to be good water. Tbia does away with the idea that the drinking water was the canse of the ontbreak of typhoid fever whioh caosed tbe death of twoof the family, and confirma tbe opinión of Dr. John Kapp which was to the same effect. Acting on toe otter inade by tue mannfaotnrors of ivory soap to give an organ speoially adapted for use in pri mary olass rooms in Snnday sohools t the school whioh wonld send theru 3,000 wiappers from ivory soap, Mis Rose Wood:Allen, vvho bas oharge o the priinary departmeut of the Churo! of Christ Sunday sohool went vigorons ly to work to gain the prize. In a few weeks she had sold enough ivory soap to seonre the organ and on Friday las the instrnment was reoeived. Dr. Wilpon, Hairy R. Byers and Harry Wise, raembers of the Kloudike, Yukon & (Jopper River Co , of whioh . H. Taylor and H. M. Wallaoe are he heads, left Wednesday morning via Detroit, St. Paul and Dnlutb for that ountry. H. M. Wallace ieturned last ight froni Washington, D. C, where ie has beeu for the past month arrangng foi the departure of the expeditioners. The remainder of the party. H. M. Wallaoe, J. H. Taylor, Jobn Hoelz Ie, Charles H. ünncan, Sterling St. Johns and Mr. Bennett, expeot to leave tomorrow. At the Emanoipation Day oel8bration at Relief Park Monday, a gang of nine gamblers was gathered in by the officers. They had uot strnck an Eldorado of wealth there but they had gathered in quite a few dollars in loose change and were not making mach of a secret of what they were doing either. The offloers watohed them until they had secured as much evidence as -they wanted and then they gathered in nine of thein and took them in a bns to the jail. They registered as Edward Stew art, Charles Lee, W. H. Kelly, Tim Shores, Wm, Purdy, Frank Fay, Pan Worth, John Wilson and Bill Coll. Al were white exoept Tim Shores. They were arraigned in Justioe Duffy' oonrt Tuesday and after handing ove $28 they had won from two colore men they eaoh paid a fine of $6.2 on pleading guilty to the oharg of being gamblers.