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Artificial Indigo

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The very great valué and impórtanos of the indigo trade has led to profound agitation in view of the result of recent experiments in the production of an artificial material which answers all of the purposes of the real indigo, at a price with which the natural product can not compete. If in its infancy this artificial indigo industry can furnish its product at less cost than the natural article can be sold for, there is excellent ground for alarm in the East India trade. Experiment and practice will unquestlonably reduce the cost of manufacture, and this fact has been urged as an incentive to the owners of Indigo plantations to do their best to reduce the cost of growing and preparing for market. The value of indigo exported from Bengal is 10,000 rupeea, the principal portion of which goes to Bngland. The Germán plant, where artificial indigo is made, has every facHlty for experimenting, and will unquestionably attempt to control the market in this particular line.


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