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Miles Issues A Proclamation

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Another dispateh from Ponce saya that Genral Miles has issued the followmg proclamation: "In the prosecution of the war against the kingdom of Spain by the people of the United States, in the cause of liberty, justice and humanity, its military forces have come to occupy the island of Porto Rico. They come beariner the banner of freedom, inspired by a noble purpose, to seek the enemies of our government and of yours. and to destroy or capture all in armed resistance. They bring you the fostering arms of a free people, whose greatest power is justice and humanity to all living within their fold. Henee they release you from your fermer politica! relations, and, it is loped that this will be followed by your cheerful acceptance of the government of the United States. "The chief object of the American military forces will be to overthrow the armed authority or Spain and give the people of your beautiful island the largest measure of liberty consistent with this military occupation. They have not come to make war on the people of the country, who for centuries have been oppressed; but on the contrary they bring protection not only to yourselves but to your property, promote your prosperity and bestow the immunities and blessingrs of our enlightened and ;iberal institutions and government. "It is not their purpose to interfere with the existing laws and customs which are wholesome and beneficial to the people, so long as they conform to the rules of the military administration, order and justice. This is not a war of devastatlon and desolation, but one to give all within the control of the military and naval forces the advantages and blessings of enlightened civilization."


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