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The Debut Of The Bowie Knife

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To the public mind duels were really a necessity. The man who would not fight "at the drop oí' a hat and drop it himself, " was soon made tofeel that he had very rnuch better not have beeu bom. There were progressive dtiels, too, from which the popular mind no more revolted than it does in this era from progressive whist or euchre. It was one of them which gave Bowie and nis knife to fame. In soine way there had come to be bad blood, black and bitter, between bim and a certain Colonel Norris Wright After long bickering, it was agreed to meet upon the levee opposite Natchez, Miss., each with hali a dozen friends, duly armed, and there shoot the matter out. There were a dozen on each side when it came to fighting. The battle was arranged to begin with threes, the rest standing by, and coming in only when those of the first fight were dead or disabled. But they had miscalculated their own self control. After the first fire there was a general melee - the reserves to a man gripped pistols hard, drew knife belts to a handy clutch and went into the


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