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The Climate Of The Philippines

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In regard to the enmate which a foreigner encouuters it is easy to exaggerate its discomforts. Although it is tropical, still even in summer the climate may be called healthy. From December to March there are warm days, with cool nights and little rain. During March, April and May the days are hot, dry and dusty, while the thermometer rises to 96 degrees at noon, but the nights are not uncomfortable. In the latter part of May and of .Tune there are thunderstorms every afternoon with a tremendous downpour of rain. The greatest heat occurs in these months, the thermometer rising frequently to 105 degrees in the shade July, August and September are the months of the great typhoons, and while Manila escapes the greatest fury of these still enough of their force remains to demolish many houses. During October and November storms lessen in frequency and severity, and the weather gradually settles into the fine days of


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