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An Irishman walking over a plank sidewalk, in counting some money aocidentally dropped a nickel, which rolled down a crack between two of the boards. The Irishman was much put out by his loss, trilling though it was, and continued on his way, swearing audibly. Early the next day a friend, while walking by the spot, discovered the Irishman deliberately dropping a dollar 4own the sanie crack through which he liad lost his nickel. The friend was of course much astonished at what he saw, and desiring to learn why Pat should deliberately, to all appearances, throw away money inquired his reasons and "was fairly taken off his feet by the following explanation : "It was this way, " said Pat. "It's yesterday I was passin this way when I lost a nickel down that hole. Now, I reasoned thot it wasn't worth me while to pull up thot sidewalk for a nickel, but last night a scheme struck me, and I am dropping down the dollar to make it worth. me while. '


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