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Prince Bismarck Dead

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Berlín, Aug. 1. - Prince Bismarck died shortly before 11 o'clock Saturday night. The death of the ex-chancellor comes as a surprise to all Europe. Despite the family's denials there was an undercurrent of apprehensíon when the sinking of the prince was first announced, inspired more by what the family left unsaid than by any information given. But when the daily bulletin chronicled improvements in the prince's condition, detailed his extensive bilis of fare, and told of his devotion to his pipe, the public accepted Dr. Schweninger's assertion when he said there was no reason why Bismarck should not reach the age of 90 years. The reports were deemed to be a repetiticn of the alarm that Prince Bismarck was in extremis which had been oft repeated in the past. All the Saturday papers in Europe dismissed Bisníarck with a paragraph, noting the improvement, while his eondition was completely overshadowed in the English papers by the condition of the Prince of Wales' knee. It appears that the ex-chancellor's death, was not precipitated by sudcen complications, but was rather the culmination of chronic dipease - nuralgia of the face and inflf.mmation of the veins - which kept hiin in constant pain that was borne with the iron fortitude which might have been expected. The beginning of the end dates from July 20, when the prince was conflned to his bed. He had several days prostrated before an iiikling of his decline reached the world. On Friday Dr. Schweninger said: "For the past nine days I have hardly changed my clothes, ha ving been traveliny nearly all the time between Berlin and Friedrichsruhe, as you may notice by my shabby velvet jacket." He then declared that his patienfs lungs, stomach and kdineys were sound, in fact that his whole gigantic frame was sound. "As yet," said Dr. Schweninger, "there is no calcification of the blood vessels, but the pains in his face and legs worry him and shorten his sleep." Dr. Schwen:nger added this veróTict: "With hisextraordinaryrobust nature he may, excluding complications, reach 90." During Dr. Schweninger's brief absence from Friedrichsruhe Dr. Chrysander was in constant attendanceupon the patiënt. Although Prince Bismarck was extremely low on Wednesday he so ralliedcn Thursday that hewaswheeled to the dinner table to celébrate with his assembled family the fifty-first anniversary of his wedding. Following is a brief but very complete paragraphical story of the great German life and works: 1815 - Born April 1 at Schoenhausen of Louisa Wilhelmina von Menken and Karl Wilhelm von Bismarck. 1821 to 1835- Studied at the Plamann academy in Berlin, at the Frederick William gymnasium, the University of Goettingen and University of Berlin. 1839 to 1847- Lived the life of a country gentleman on his estates in Pomerania. 1847 - Married Johanna von Puttkamer, in spite of her parents' opposition; elected to the newly constituted Prussian landtag. 1848 - Changed from a Liberal to a Conservative by the revolution. 1849 - Took his seat in the parliament summoned by the king on the dissolution of the' national assembly. 1850 - Became the acknowledged leader of the Conservatives in the Prussian landtag. 1851 - Appointed Prussian minister plenipotentiary in the Frankfort diet. 1862 - Appointed ambassador to Paris; recalled in September and made minister-president of Prussia and chief adviser to King William II. 1863 and 1864 - Secured the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein for Germany. 1866 - Slightly wounded on May 7 by Lionel Cohén, a would-be assassin; brought about war with Austria, the formal declaration being made by Austria June 14, present at the battle of Sadowa July 3, and saw Austria completely vanquished; concluded the treaty of peace at Prague in August, 1866. annexingHano ver, Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and part of Saxony to Prussia. 1867 - Made chaneellor of the North German confederation.aftereffecting uniflcation of all Germany. 1870 - Provoked Napoleon III. into declaring war on Germany, which ended in complete defeat for Brance, her cession of Alsace and Loraine and the payment of five milliards of francs as indemnity. 1871 - Read on Jan. 18 the proclamation declaring King William "Deutsche Kaiser;" nominated on Jan. 19 first chaneellor of thereconstituted empire; created a prince on Feb. 21; signed the Frankfurt treaty with France May 10; returned to Berlin at the head of the array June 16. 1874 - Life attempted a second time in July, the would-be assassin being a fanatic named Kuhlman. 18S5- Honored on April 1 by a public celebration of the 70th anniversary of his birth, participated in by the entire Germán nation and by Germans all over the globe. 1890- Retired to private lief at the age of 75 years; created Duke of Lauenburg. 1S91 - Returned to the reichstag. 1893 - Publicly condemned the antiSemitic movement. 1898- Died July 30 at h:s castle of Friedrichsruhe.


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