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The trying troubles of women result front catarrh. - Mrs. Colonel Hamtlton and others rccommend Pe-ru-na. m ïv M IV I iWTï health in women is SBH h IB I II IS nU rare thing. It is not """K IB 1 BI LB I B alone thosewhotoil and jBl IBr Ml ME. 1 JH spin that suffer frotn H 'ml catarrhal troubles; the BJ_ fj diseases of women come to rich and poor and catarrh ■BH PtJ' is their cause. The influence of catarrh on the home vB lives of our women can hardly be appreciated until YwÉSïitjteiSiii le rea nature of catarrh i.s understood. Dr. 'fe-MjSÉjIp Hartman explains this to women in his book JÈjÈsSi ga called "Health and Beauty," which the fcl Sr """Wr? Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Columbus, O., will BB)k) B rnail to any woman on application. fI 'S' .j-gl Mrs. Arthur L. Hamilton, wife of Colonel óK ZÊp jpt J Hamilton of the Seventeenth Regiment Ohio éê y , '■■ f -N National Guard, and whose residence is j 7. %: at 309 West First Ave., Columbus, O., 'íiílfililiiii "" iiü Hartman's scientific remedy for catarrh: NPiPifhi JlP' merits of your remedy Pe-ru-na. I have .ÊÊrBsSCm MmimM been takin? the same for some JÉmmTSSÈli ïS!c$k time' andalnenJying'better health jfFQfflnPfaaMOTgi B now than I have for some years. I -wlWraPS B. attribute the chanf?e to Pe-ru-na, ''II 'l 'B woman, believing it to be especially ;" _" 'Ítv beneficial to them. " Mrs. Hamilton's picture is printed here, and her statements about Pe-ru-na find echo in the hearts of women the country through. "Itgivesme much pleasure," writes Mrs. J. A. Bashor oí Knoxville, Tenn., " to recommend to the public such a valuable remedy as Pe-ru-na." " My health was completely broken down, and had been for almost ayear. I could not rest day or night, but suffered constantly untold misery. Tried remedy af ter remedy, but found no relief until Pe-ru-na was recommended to me by a f riend. I have taken one and a half bottles and am to-day well and hearty. I shall always praise Pe-ru-na, for I f eel it saved my life. " Miss Belle Gunsalis, No. 208 Seventeenth Ave,, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Writes to Dr. Hartman: "Your medicine cured me of chronic catarrh the head, nose and throat, which I was afflicted with for five or six years, growingworse all the time, until I began taking your Pe-ru-na. Independent of curinjj xsxy catarrh, Pe-ru-na has wonderfully improved my general health."


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