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Nichols' Murderer

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The authonties ot Detroit are stnl bnsily inveatigatiDg the morder of Valinore C. Niohols, the Pittsfield farmer, whose body was fonnd in the Detroit river near Belle Isle Thnrsday afterDoon of last week. A formal application for a warrant on the charge of nrardei faas been made against Ed Asoher, alias Lang, the spiritualistiu medium. The coroner's jnry bronght in a virdiot that NichoJs carne to his death by drowning affcer beiug rendered unconseious by a blow from some blunt instrnmet in the hands of some person nnkown to the jury. Lang has nndertake to prove an alibi showing he was in bis room on the night of the murder, Aug. 10, and reruained there until 10:15 p. m. Mrs. Sohultz and daugbter, at whose house Lang roomed, say that Lang was out all evening. They sat on the front poroh aud would have seen Lang if he came home. The ooroner's inquest was condnoted by Assistant District Attorney Waite, a gradúate of the U. of M. Dr. Henry Qeorg the county physician, is a brother of Dr.; Conrad Georg of this city. He testified tbat he believed Niohols was thrown into the river fore really dead. The polioe have the theory tbat Niohols was either saadbagged or hypnotized and in this condition bis feet were bound together with wire and heavy stones atiaobed and thrown into the river. The wire nsed in tying Nichols is different from any nsed ou the island, and therefore must have been brought thare for the express purpose of tbe raarder. Gbief Martin believes there was only one mau oonneoted with the oase, and that was the man who went out witb Niohols in the boat. Two of the employas of tbe Belle Isle boat house identified Niobols, but are not so sure as to jjang. They nnite in saying the corapaniou of Nichols wore a biwn snit. Lang admits that on the night iu question he wore a brown suit. The polioe claim to have uneartbed a valuable bit of evidence as to Lang's furruer life. They allege that iu Sept. 1897, E. Robert Lang was arrested in Louisville, Ky., ou tbe charge of murdering Mrs. Sabrá Gates. Laug met the woman at a seance and it is, said got her under bis control. She was taken saddenly siok soon after and died, the atteuding pbysician pronouncing it a case of poisoning. An analysis was made of Mrs. Gates' stomaoh, the coroner's jury clearing Lang, although her watoh was found iu Lang's pooket, whioh he claimed she had given hirn. UU U J f I Edward S. Greece, the Detroit attorney at Island Lake wheri Laing was arrested, explains tbe advice to Laug to keep bis raonth shut on the gronnd he, Greece, knew how the pólice wotild "sweat" their raau. George F. Robiuson, of Detroit is the attorney appearing in Lang's defensa.