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Ex-Judge Comstock of Detroit Clves to the People Hls Opinión - Satisfled Only with Hood's. The testimoniáis in favor of Hood's Sarsaparilla corne from people in all ranks of life. lts great power to enrich and purify the blood is recognized by phy8icians, clergymen, teachers, lawyers and judges, who, owing to sedentary habits and severe nervous etrain, often need its vitalizing and nerve-strengthening influence. ExJudge Comstock of Detroit says : " I am a busy man and have little time lor recreation, and I flnd my system sometimes needs toning up. At such times I take two or three bottles oí Hood's Sarsaparilla, and then I find I am all right. I have sometiines been persuaded to try other and cheaper kinds, but I have never been satisfied with anything but Hood's Sarsaparilla." Ex-Judge A. Q. Comstock, 673 Cass Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best- in fact the One True Blood Purifler. Hrrr1'c Dille are prompt, efficiënt and UUUU S riUS easy in effect 26csnts.


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