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J "ASLEEP!" fW$ f. j)- -, Nothing so ap"Hk Ln ( í peáis to a mothw9nK LL w er's heart as th SBfïmSKlki J si?ht of ber baby ■t3F-'lM)MmBÍ&t J] asleep. This is f W(á jrife%.doubly true when J yi" ["ithe white lips, y-AljKfc-Vv the fevered brow, -S"""S?[y Sjp the blue lines éiv'X' 'vfi' beneath the eyes '"V , Jj' and the thiti lit? viit tle nanls tel' tlle J) j CjW , that baby is ill. 3fey S Y the child that "s" Jjt comes into the V "' 7 world robust and [ I healthy, the ordiI. 11 nary ills of childf I hood are not a _H_JL serious menace ; but to the weak, puny baby with the seeds of disease implanted in its little body even before birth, they are a serious matter and frequently mean baby's death. The woroan who wants a strongr, healthy baby must see to it that she does not suffer from weakness and disease of the important and delicate organs concerned in motherhood. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription acts directly on these organs, allaying inflammation, healing ulceration and soothing pain. It fits a woman for wifehood and motherhood. It banishes the discomforts of the period of anticipation and makes baby's entry to the world easy and altnost painless. It insures the newcomer's health and an ampie supply of nourishment. It rids maternity of lts perils. It has caused many a childless home to ring with the happy laughter of healthy children. Over )o,ooo women have testified to its marvelous merits. It is the discovery of an eminent and skillful specialist, Dr. R. V. Pierce, for thkty years chief Consulting Physician to the great Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo, N. Y. All medicine dealers sell it. Ailing women who write to Dr. Pierce will receive free nis best advice. Scores of women who have been cured of obstinate and dangerous diseases by Dr. Pierce's medicines have told their experiences in Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. It contains 1008 pages, over 300 engravings and colored plates, and is free. Send 21 one-cent stamps, to cover cost of mailing only, for paper -covered copy ; cloth binding 31 stamps. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Büffalo, N. Y.


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