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Instructions To Merritt

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"Washington, Aug. 19. - The war department has made public the order sent to General Merritt Wednesday evenlng regarding the occupation of the city of Manila by the American forces. The order follows: "Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D. C, Aug. 17, 1898.- Major General Merritt, Manila, Philippines: The president directs that there must be no joint occupation with the insurgents. The United States in the possession of Manila city, Manila bay and harbor, must preserve the peace and protect persons and property within the territory occupied by their military and naval forces. The insurgents and all others must recognize the military occupation and authority of the United States and the cessation of hostilities proclaimed by the president. Use whatever means in your Judgment are necessary to this end. All law-abiding people must be treated alike. "By order secretary of war. "E. C. CORBIN, Adjt. Gen." The officials of the department hope there may be no trouble with the insurgent forces in the Philippines, although the dispatches which have been reeeived and published in the press, together with the demands of Aguinaldo for joint occupation, has indicated a temper on the part of insurgent leaders which is not satisfactory. The text of the presidents's order cannot be misunderstood and the insurgents will be kept out of Manila and the city, bay and harbor will be held as an American possession. The possibility of an attack on the city by the insurgent forces has been considered, but as the insurgents with the bay in possession of Admiral Dewey for three months and 10,000 American troops near the city for a month past, were unable to cause the surrender of the city, it is believed that they wiĆ­l be very formidable against the forces of General Merritt.


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