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Terrible Railway Wreck

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Boston, Aug. 23. - In a rear-end collision on the New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad at Sharon station, four persons, at least, were killed, their bodies having been recovered f rom the wreek, and forty or more were injured, some it is thought fatally. The killed - Mrs. Mary Fitzpatrick oí Boston, whose summer home was at Sharon; Franklin M. Watson of Somerville; two unidentified women, in bicycle dresses. One wore three rings, al! inscribed "Mattie." The injured - A. S. Nichols of Chicago, seriously, is now at Parker House in this city; Charles H. Frye, 37 Reveré street,, body burned, will probably die; Burleigh McCrockett, 22 West Somerville street; Della V. Brannan, 26 South Boston, scalp and other wounds; Margaret N. Grimshaw, 8 Somerville street, fractured foot; J. C. Whitcomb, Baltimore, leg broken; Mrs. J. C. Whitcomb, arm broken; J. S. Murray, East Boston, slightly injured; James Fitzpatrick, Boston: serious fractures of legs and arms; Edgar S. Bristol, Winthrop, scalp wound and compound fracture of left leg, condltion serious. It is said that the collision was the result of one section of an accommodation train, the two parts of which run from Providence and Newport, respectively, to Boston, heing late at Sharon.


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