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The late Mr. Davis, the biggest bookmaker of his time in England, probably laid the largest bet ever recorded when he wagered $500, 000 to $5, 000 against three horses owDed by a Mr. Clark and entered in the Derby of 1896. There is also a bet recorded of $450,000 to $150,000, the big amount being laid by Lord Glasgow and the smaller by Lord George Bentinck, who lost. In 1885 a yonng lordling bet $15,000 to $150 that St. Simón, a very celebrated race horse, would win a race in which but one other animal was to start. St. Simon was so hot a favorito that 100 to 1 was laid on his chance, such odds, of course, being very imusual and meaning that there is hardly any betting being done. That lord, however, actually bet his $15,000 against a bookmaker's $150 as coolly as if he had boen accepting and not laying tremendous odds. St. Simon won in a canter.


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