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The qnestiou of defectiva sidewalks was largely discussed at the meeting of the board of public works Weduesday eveniDg. City Clerk Mills oalled attention to the nnmber of suits that are threatened. He understooƶ tbat the one firm of Lebniau & Stivers, had uearly half a dozen snits in course of preparation. Also that Lee N. Brown, of Ypsilanti, thonght of comineucing another daniage snit. The rnany defeotive plank walks were very inviting to litigante and migbt mean mauy thousand dollars to the tax payers. He called atteution to the following provisiĆ³n in the charter : 'The board of publio works are hereby authorized aDd reqnired to canse sueh temporary repairs to be made in sidewalks, at the expense of the city, as may be immediately uecessary for the safety of pedestrians, and all bilis for tbat pnrpose wheu dnly certifled to by the street corumissiouer, or president of the board of publid works, shall be allowed by the common oounoil and paid out of the street fund." The sidewalks in front of Parker's candy store on State st., being in a dangerons ODndition, the street comrnissioner was ordered to taar up the walk in front of the property. The following contracts were let: Koen Bros., for extending the cnlvert on First st., sonth of Liberty for $68 ; Sohneider Bros., for laying pipe in Fairview cemetery at six and a qnarter oents a foot; Barney Morrison for paving the alley in the rear of Aid. Exinger's store for three and a half cents per sqnare foot. The offer of the Standard Carriage & Implement Co., of Ann Arbor, to fnrnish a wagonette for the cornmittee of the cornmon oonncil at a oost of $229, was read and referred to the oornmon oouncil. lt is to be made to carry 12 alderxnen by having six seats running crosswise.


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