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The Racket

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202 E, Washington St. There's a Hot Time at Cur House He - "Dod gast the doel gasted stove pipe anyway. I don't see vvhy tinsmith's don't make it so Üiat it will go together." She (sweetly)- "Don't get excited, John, dear, just run down to The Ilacket, it's not fa-r, only 17 blocks, and bring home 14 lengths of the Wood's Refined Iron Pipe that they are selling at 10c per length. It will go together all right." Of course he went and thereby saved his irnmortal soul. Pipe elbows, 6 inch, 9c. Enameled collendars, 10c. Express wagons, steel box, well painted, $1.24. Kitchen knives, öc. Ice shaves, 14 Ice picks, 8c. Ice' chi9els, 16c. Mrs. Potts sad iron handles, 10c. Buggy washers, 5c per roll. Carpenters' pinchers, 15c. Rim and mortice door keys, 4c. Steel punches, 8c. Best octagon steel i inch, í and i cold chisels, 8c, lic and 15c. Cock eyes, 4c. Hame clips, 3c. Two foot rules, 7c. Brass padlocks, 10c. Moulding hooks, 8c per dozen. 6 tine potato digging forks 80c. 4 tine spading forks 59c. Hinges of all kinds at half the regular hardware prices. Key-hole saws 19c. Buil leaders, 8c. Sash lifts, 2c. Sash fasts, 6c. Grub hoes or mattocks, 32c. Picks, 42c; handles for same 8c. Did you ever hear of such prices? Dandy steel axes, all handled, ready for use, only 69c. Best files, 8 inch, 7c. No one quotes you so low and you know it if you will only consider the question a moment. We are doing a very fine trade and are going to continue to do so. It's popular prices and good goods that do it. Will you join onr regiment ? We fear no toe for Racket Prices are Special Prices.


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