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The oontest for tbe repnblioan county nominations is growing warm. The anti-Jndsonites claimed that they had laid down and wonld let the sheriff have things bis own sweet way, but the earlier caucuses do not indícate very larublike qualities. Already two setH of delegates have been elected f rom Ann Arbor township aud all factions are olairuing the delegates elected iu Superior. The inain content will be over sheriff. Deputy Sheriff Lester Canfield at this writing seems to hava the pole. Tüe other oandidates are all working hard, however, and are Wade MoCormick, of Northfield, James H. Kingsley, of Manchester, Marshal Zenus Sweet and William Bldert, of this city. The natue of Paris Banfield fcas also been suggested. For clerk the contesfc will alsó be warm. City Clerk Mills is still working bis direotory and pntting in his best work for tbe nomination. John Heinzmann, who withdrew from the post offioe oontest, has snddenly loomed into prominence as a oandidate. It is said that Probate Begister Peter. J. Lühman, whose name was lieing favorably considered will bide bis time. Charles Ganntlett, the Milan horseman, is also a candidato, bnt instead of looking after delegates, heisreported to be in Columbas, Ohio, watohing his horses. Ex-Connty Clerk Dausingbnrg was also said to be a candidato bat it is whispered, with how mach truth we jnow not, that he is not now looking 'or it. For register of deeds, George A. Cook will be uoruinated by acclamation. For treasnrer Jacob Brann, tbe present depnty, is slated for the nomination. It was generally conceded that Prank A. Stivers would be tbe nominee for proeeouting attorney, althongh Frank E. Jones was tbe candidate in tbe event of tbe anti-Judsonites eontrolling tbe convention. But it is now said that Mr. Stivers does not look with longing eyes npon the felicity of running against Major Kirk. John W. Bennett's name bas also been uientioned, but whetber or not with authority we are uuable to state. Sotne time ago Andrew E. Gibson was sbaping things with a view to the nomination but he too read the handwriting on tbe wall and is not a candidate. City Attorney O. E. Butterfield oan bave the nomination for cironit conrt eommissioner again if he wants it. The connty couvention will also elect delegates to tbe senatorial convention to be held in Jacksoo. Campbell is a caudidate for renomination and expects the nominF.tiuu with tbe help of his Jaokson friends. It is thought tbat tbe Pingree forces have slated ex-Congressmau Allen for this plaoe. Tbere is a move on foot ataong the Jackson repoblicans to nomínate John C. Sbarp. The Aun Arbor township oontesting delegations arose in this way. At the oauous Wednesday afternoon, called by sun time, the time used by the oonrt house olock, only the anti-Jndsonites were present at the opening of tbe oancus and quiokly elected Smith Bostford, Ep. Matteson, George Foster, D. L. Godfrey, J. C. Mead and A. F. Smith as delegates. Jast as a motion to adjourn was about to be put a dozen rough riders arrived and one of them moved to reoonsider. There is some dispute as to what actually resulted on tbis motion but at aoy rate the oaucns balloted again and eleoted an entirely new set of delegates by a vote of 12 to 11. The second set consists of Peter Baesler, John M. Bird, Lewis McCardy, George Sohlee, Milton Keppler and John Campbell, all followers of the sheriff. There will be a contest in the oouvention and considerable interest is being taken in the question of who will be the chairman to name the ooinrnittee on credentials.


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