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- - - 1p "■" "■ ■- ■ fc-i fc w i- j h-j u LJ I-I LJ LJ LJ LJ LJ LJ L_ It was a little boy in St. Andrews Snnday school a Snnday or so ago who when asked by the superintendent in catechising the school, whereMoses was bnried piped out, "On the banks of the HuroD." Stories of Srnith, the republioan nominee for oongress are now in order. Here are two from Alonroe county. Il was at a country school house two years ago and the redoubtable Henry was oratiog in bis best stlye wben farmer entered who had had themisfortune to ootue into close oontact with a oarnivorous animal of the genus mephitis, commonly known as a skunk. As soon as the unsavory odor reacbed the nostrils of the orator, he stopped snddenly in his lofty flights of speech to remark, "I see there is a demoorat in the house. I smell him.1' It was shortly af ter Smith's nornination that he was greeting old friends in the city of Monroe, and doing nis level best to shake hands with everyone he had ever seen before. He saw an old farmer whose faoe looked somewhat familiar, but he oonldn't exactly plaoe him. However with bis blandest smile he extended the glad hand and questioned, "How are things in your towuship?" "All right" was the response. Not yet locating bis man, Smith qneried "What are yon going to do for the repnblican tioket this fall?" "Oh, we'll give the repnblican ticket a goud majority this fall all exoepting tbis man Smith." "Wbat's the matter with Smith" asked the astonished oandidate. "Ob, nobody will vote for bim," was the instant rejoinder, "won't vote for him myself. " "Do yon know Smitb?" " Yes I knowhim." "Why, I'm Smith." "Yes, I know that." "Well, see here, what's the matter with me? Can't we fix this tbing up some way. " The old farmer sqnared himself and replied. Do yon remember that oase down before old Squire Johnson in Clayton 10 years ago." "I bad a number of oases before him,"said Smith, "I don't reruernber any particular one." "Why that case of Doe against Roe. I was a witness for Doe and you were Roe's attorney. Yon tried to make a fooi of me on the witness stand and when you got np to talk to the jury, yon told them that I was the meanest man you had ver seen. Do yon snppose that I would vote for yon?" Here is a story, wbiob tbougb old will well bear repeating, of one of tbe old time editorial writersof Washtonaw who wielded one of the rnost vigoróos pens in tbe state aDd was knowu far and wide as one of its ablest writers. Many of the metropolitan papers had tried in vain to get bim on tbeir editorial staff. Finally tbe Detroit Journal gave iu to his usual stipnlation that while residing at home be wonld mail tüem editorials on the sole condition that every line tthat be wrote should be inserted exaotly as he wrote it, stipnlating tbat the contract should expire as soon as they were nnable to nse any of bis editorial. Tbe first editorial tbat he sent in was a strongly written defense of Mormonism. It is not neoessary to say tbat tbe ooutract terminated.


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