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-t Deyout priests frequently ''Sn mortify their flesh and volfci- } untarily force themselyes HF JS to uadergo great bodily ■ i bardshipsand deprivation. E__-' They are enabled to do this and escape seriou9 S vSk injury to their health if . yrfh by reason ?f the ff X '-O purity of their lives K v lis. ! an "le ac' tkat j "ÍÍmÍí selves tne pleas?jBMlnres of .tlle table. I "TMmÊ iMHl ) An ordinary man V I OOM WBVwho lives in the (Cjy VÊÊ] ordinary way canI tl lij iMll unless he takes II il I iW' he "ët retnedy V. JMj lljj to rein force naI A ') BI ture. The average vi Rl aSLn when he is Jjl in good health eats 'msL-- wBÊK t0 much. When he gets a little out of sort9 he pays no ffraï] BrJBE heed and keeps I lij M wSPm Ti?ht on "raaking " QBf a hog of himself." In some instances he gets thin and emaciated. In others he gets grossly corpulent, and weighted down with flabby fat. In the first instance he is a candidate for dyspepsia and nervous prostration. In the second for kidney trouble or heart failure. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery enable3 the average man to undergo a great deal of hardship, deprivation and over-work, in spite of the life he leads. It causes the food to be properly assimilated. It builds firm, healthy flesh. but does not make corpulent people more fat. It cures dyspepsia, nervous troubles, kidney disease and 38 per cent. of all cases of consumption. It aprevenís weakness in anyorgan of the body. "In August, 1895, I was taken down in bed -with a burning and severe pains in my storaach snd under my shoulders, and dizziness in ray head," writes Ira D. Herring, Esq.of Emporia, Volusia Co.. Fla. " My home physician said my symptoms were Hke consumption. Nothing that I ate would digest, and I had great distress in my stomach. I wrote Dr. Pierce Tor advice, and took four bottles of his ' Golden Medical Discovery ' and three of ' Pleasant Pellefs.' I am now able to do my work and eat many things that I could not touch before I took these medicines." An inactive liver and constipated bowels are promptly cured by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They never gripe.


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