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The Search Light of Publicity is Pleasinjf Aun Arbor People. Publicity is wfaat the people want. Let the public 6peak oa the subject. There has been too mucb claim- too little proof. Claims endoreed by strangers are not prooi'. Claims made by straugers are not proof. There is on!y one kind of proof for an Ann Arbor citizen. The experience of people we know When friends and neiglibors endorse Make pnblic statement oi their case. There can be no questíon about such r evidence. This is the proof we have, Which backe up every box of Doan's kidney pille. No other kidney pills, no other kidney remedy. Can produce such proof. Here is one proof of the many we have. Mr. Edwin Wooley, of 618 Fountain st., carpenter and contractor, says: "I have been subject for years to attacks of backache or pains through my loins and kidDeys, generally of a constant, heavy, aching nature. If I did any work which required stooping it was very painful. A cold or any exposure always affected me. 1 could not rest well nights and in the mornings feit as tired as when I went to bed. I tried different remedies but they did not do me much good. Seeing Doan's Kidney Pills advertised and having heard them highly spoken of I went to Eberbach & Son's drug store and got a box. My back was troubling me a good deal at the time and I began usiug them. The first few doses made me feel better and in a short time I was thorough]y relieved and have had no trouble since. I recommend Doan's Kidney Pills very highly." For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co , Bnffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name DOAN'S and take no substitute.


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