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Parrots Are Never Original

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I have read of a father who wcrald not let his children teil their dreams because there is in snch narrativo too great temptation to wander from the truth. Parrot stories are too of ten like dream stories - one-half true, and they are sometimes; plainly to any who knows the true talking power of these birds - made up entirely or greatly exaggerated. While the parrot has a certain unrnistakable sense of humor, and is correspondingly „wise, none of the various species is or ever was capable of the original wise and witty talk familiar to us in newspaper anecdotes. In fact, the parrot is never original in speech. It is altogether imitative, and a bird that has never heard spoken words has surely never uttered a sy Hable. But, judging from parrots' clever use of what they learn to say, it is almost certain that they come to know in a measnre the meaning of the phrases


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