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Are You Pale?

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Are your chccfcs . hollow and your L Iips white ? T Is your appetite L poor and your dir gestión weak? Is )► your flesh soft i and have you lost t ín weiaht? ( 't These are symptoms of L Í anemia or poor blood. r ij They are just as frequent j j in the summer as ín the j j winter. And you can be l j: cured at one time jost as , well as another. T Scott's i Emulsión I of co lever oil tvith hypo J phosphítes wíll certaínly J V helpyou. Almost everyone J can take ít, and ít wíll not J disturb the weafcest stom j ach. j J It changes the líght color of j poor blood to a healthy and rich f J red. It nourishes the braín ; gíves k j poTver to the nerves. It bríngs J back your old weight and strength. fj É : All Draggists. 50c. and tl. . r, 3 Scott & Bownk, Chemists, New YorKJ ,


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