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The university opens Sept. 27. St. Thomas school opens next Monday. The average of population per square mile in tbis county is 61.3. John Gorman, a stranger, got two days in jail Saturday on a charge of drunkenness, ' Rev. Di. Whilan, of Baltimore, Md., preached in St. Thomas' church last Sunday morning. Judge Noah W. Cheever, of this city has been nominated for governor by tbe prohibitionists. John Schneider, jr., aged 10 years, son of John Schneider, died Saturday of cholera morbos. Rev. Lawrence Colé delivered a very fine sermón in St. Andrew's church last Sunday morning. The attendance at the circus last Saturday is pnt down for 7,000 in the afternoon and 2,500 in the evening. Major Harison Soule was elected president at the 25th annual reunión of the Sixth Miohigan Infantry in Albion last week. E. B. Caldwell has resigned the seoretaryship of the Y. M. C. A. and McClellan G. Mogk has been seleoted in his plaoe. The Chelsea Herald says "The girls like to kiss the soldier and sailor boys whan they return home. " It is presumable that the "liking" is mctual. George J. Halier has oeased to be tbe Times' oorrespondent at Ypsilanti. He is sucoeeded by Roy Spunoer. George is going to do special work for the Detroit dailies. The njembeis of the Star of Bethlehem gave a surprise to their oommander, Dr. Jeuuie Hnghes, about to leave the oity, last Friday evening, and presented her with a handaome ring. Mrs. H. R. Mead, of Saline, has the distinction of being the firet person to pay ber snbsoription to the Argas up to the year 1900. Her present snb soriptiou will expire May 11, 1900. C. F. Stabler, olerk of Anu Arbor town, will be at the oounty treasurer' offioe in the oonrt nouse on Saturda; next, Sept. 10, to reoeive woodohuol soalps and issue order for the bounty on the same. Oliver M. Martin feil down the stair of nis barn from the seoond story las Friday landing on bis head at the bot tom, without sustaining auy serious in jnries. It was a miraole that so heav a man oould fall in snoh a manner without sustaining serious injuries. Bnrning grass od Forest ave. oalled ont the flre departrnent Wednesday. Willard H. Schwab will lead the 2:45 Suuday afternoon meeting of the Y. M. C. A. James E. Harkins will bniid two new honsea on Peloh st. and another one on Ashley ave. There are 37 flowing wells ooonnected with the Aun Arbor Water Co. 's pumping station uu W. Washington st. This year is tiie semi-oentennial of the fair assooiation. Let everyone take hold and make it a memorable oelebration. Mr. Fred Howlett, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Cora Whittaker, of Belleville, were married by Jnstiue Duffy last week. The republican vvard oaucuses in this oity will te held Monday evening, Sept. 12, and a warm time may be expected. Mr. Frederiok H. Nissley and Miss Daisy M. LaRue, both of Saline, were married there on Tuesday by Rev. Thomas B. Leitb. W. J. McKone, who was one of the instructora at the teachers' institnte bere this summer, has been elected superintendent of the Albion schools. An organization consisting of the leading wheelmen from every part of the state has been perfeoted, whose objeot is to constrnot a bioyole path from the soothern Miohigan line to the straits of Mackinao. The Btreet committee has deoided to reoommend the sponding of $150 for grading Michigan ave., $100 for grading and graveling E. University ave. and $200 for grading and graveling N. Main st. between Catherine and Kingsley st. No coruplaints of robbery followed from the coming of Ringling Bros.' circus, which is said to be due to the fact that this oompany carries its own ' detectives with it, who rnake it ' profitable for orooks to follow their oirons. Ed. O. Come died at his home on W. Ann st., last Friday evening of oonumption, aged 82 years. The funeral ervioes weie held at the house Sunday fternoon and at the cemetery were in harge of Goldep Rule Lodge, No. J59, F. & A. M. The new flra dêpartiuent building in Ypsilanti will be oooupied next Monay, thos uniting the Ypsilanti fire delartment and rnakiug it mnoh stronger. ?he building is a handsomne one and s located on the corner of Cross and Washington sts. A number of the friends of Gottlob Luick of this oity, are talking of bringng him out for the demooratia nomination for county treasuroi. They say lis popnlarity and standing in the ooinmunity would rnn him many votes ahead of his ticket. Mies Mae D. Estey, of this city, was married at tbe Baptist churoh, Monday afternoon to Mr. Charles Blroy Fisher, of Bay City. Miss Beulah Davis aoted as bridesmaid and Rice B. Davis as best man. The ushers were H. Montgomery and T. Dodsley, and Rev. T. W. Young performed the ceremony. Mr. Samuel Baylis and Miss Carrie Freeman, of this city, were married at the residence of the bride's parents on W. Huron st., last Friday evening, Rev. Henry Horton offioiating. The wedding took place on tne lawn which was well lighted. A nnmber of guests were present, many being from out of the oity. The state board of eduoation has elected Frank N. Spindler, of Mt. Vernon, O., assistant in pedagogy at the Normal at a salary of $1,000. It has also created the offioe of superintendent of buildings and gronnds for the Ypsilanti aud Mt. Pleasant normáis and has elected a non-resident of either place, Johu W. Stevens, of Jaokson, to the position. New subscribers to the New State Telephone Exohange: Mrs. Mary MoClure, 502 E. Jefferson st. ; George G. Gold, 536 Thompsson st. ; Dr. O. Ernest Gale, post office blook; Dr. Hinsdale (offioe), Thompson block ; Dr. Copeland's private offioe; Harris Ball, Washtenaw ave. ; Mis. Ella R. Stafford, N. gState st. ; Towar Creamery, Ann Arbor town; Fr. Goldriok, Nortbfleld ; J. M. Bïann, Ann Arbor town; Charles Brann, Ann Arbor town; J. M. Stein, Ann Arbor town. Hughy McGuire has carried papers for 18 years. The pablio schools of thie oity open a week from Monday. Saline gets the German-American Day oelebratiou next year. A vagrant giving his name as John Bennett was given one day in jail Tnesday. All the stores and offices in the opera house block are to be heated by steam and the plant is now being put in. Miss Lenora Charles, of Adrián, and William O. Beal, of this oity, will be married in Teoumseh on Thursday next. An annual assessment of $3.25 per $1,000 insuranoe bas been ordered by the Washtenaw County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Miss Catherine Diehl bas been appointed a teacher in the Fourth ward sohool in place of Miss Minnie Drake, resigned. Mrs. Jennie Ward asks for a divorce' from her husband Frank C. Ward.who, she olaims deserted her in 1891. They were married in Lima in 1884. Ed. Dorsaru's borse CharJie D. seoured seventh plaoe in a field of 15 borses in the 2 :40 trot at Toledo last week. The best time made was 2:21. Dr. Gibbes, Detroit's energetic health offioer, seized 20 tons of spoiled fishin Detroit last Saturday. The day before be made a big seizure of tainted hams. Mrs. John Conan, an aunt of Mrs. E. B. Norris, of tbis city, died at her home in Manohester tbe first of tbe week of cancer of the faoe, aged 65 years. Mrs. Trible, whose husband was president of Bethany College, has rented tbe Hendrickson house on S. State st, and will remove here to edúcate ler children. E Iwin W. Grove0, on returning to lis house on N. Seventh st., f rom the sast, found that some thieves had en:fire.i it daring bis absence stealing silverware, clothing and oanned frnit. The first delegates to be eleoted to the democratie oonnty oonvention were from Bridgewater and oonsist of Solonjon Tate, Chris. Saley, James Benham, John Riddle, George Merz and VVUliam Every. Both the Judsouites and the antiJudsonites olaim the delegates from Superior to the repnblioan oounty oonvention. The delegates are Perry L. Townsend, Frank .Latnbie, John Brann, Philo Galpin, James Wilbur and Frank Galpio. For the farmers' pionio at Whitmore Lake tomorrow trains will run on the Ann Arbor railroad as follows: Leave AnnArbor8:43 a. m., 4:56 and 7:00 p.m. Returning leave Whitmore Lake 11:05 a. m., 8:15 p. in. and 12:30 midnight. Mrs. Ann Covert, wife of Arthur Covert, of Superior, who had tbe misfortune to break her leg Aug. 13, died Tuesday, of heart disease, aged 65 years. The funeral was held at tbe house yesterday. Mr. Covert has the sympathy of tbe oommuüity. The Washtenaw Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. has adjusted the losses of Wade MoCormiok. of NorthfieJd, paying hira $3,605.74. His loss will run well np to $7,000. It inoluded 40 aores of wheat. He will rebuild his baru at onoe bnt will let the house go nntil next spring. The oíd crooked tree in the rear of the hoose of Charles H. Worden on William st, formorly stood alone in the center of a oommous, the diagonal path from the university campas, down town leading under its branches and it was known among the early settlers siniply as "that tree." George Stempfel, of Geddes, lost a number of artioles Sunday uight throngh the work of a thief. A boy named Mat. KirklaDd, of Toledo, aged 15 years, bnt a confiriued tramp, was snspected and given 10 days in jail for vagranoy, while the evidenoe against hiro was looked up. Connty Sohool Commissioner Lister has got ont a liet of personal questions whioh are handed to eaoh applicaut for a teachers' oertiflcate to be answered. The object of the questions is to enoourage the professional spirit among teachers. They ernbraoe a very thorongh resume of what the teaohers have done to improve themselves and their schools duiing the time they have been teaoh ing. The Plymonth fair wijl take place Sept. 13-16. E. W. Groves will build a house near Felch park this f all. The St. Thomas' Conservatory of Musio will reopen next Tnesday. Fred Kline, so called, got 15 days in jail for using vile langaage on the streets last Friday. Governor Pingree has reoeived $43,381 from tba general goverument for the aid of the soidiers' home at Grand Rapids. Gasoline and kerosflne oil are Belling at 6 oents a gallon in Plymouth. The resnlt of a war on prioes between the dealers. Miss Satia Jewett Hyde, formerly of this oity, and Mr. Leonard Albert St. John are to be married next Tnesday at the Ainerioan chnroh of St. John, Dresden, Germany. Theodore J. Walker has oommenoed snit for a divoroe from his wife Emma B. Walker on tbe gronnd that she neglected to prepare his meals for him and often oalled him bad carnes. Prof. Benjamin D'Ooge, head of tbe olassioal department at tbe Normal College, Ypsilanti, has reoently received several especially good offers from other institutions and the report is now current that he will aocept one of them. Dennis Shields, of HowelJ, wel] known to the legal fraternity of tbis oonnty and others, died in Howell Snnday afternoon of Bright's disease. He was considered a first olass criminal lawyer. Ed. C. Shields, formerly captain of the U. of M. basebail team is his soa. Jobn Caywood, of Troop I, 3d Uavalry, one of Griggsby's rongh riders, was in Ann Arbor on his way to bis home in Montana, on Tnesday. Mr. Caywood is a student in the law department. He enlisted in the regiment iu Montana where it was organized. He is on siok fnrlougb. There aie 114 married men in the 31st Miohigan. Tbe average age of the men is 24 and the average heigbt is 5 feet 8 inohes. The vooations of some of the inen are given as follows: Pbysioians and sargeons, 28; teaohers, 7; stadents, 81; clerks, 148; merchante, 16; farmers, 89; laborers, 67. A gang of tramps giving their names as Wrn. Griffen, Joseph Bnsb, Harry Woods, "William Horton, John Aleton, Frank Jaaon and James Brooks were genteneed to 10 dayB eaoh in jail by Jnstioe Duffy Satnrday for vagranoy. They were snspeated of breaking into a Miohigan Central oar Friday and stealing two cheeses and some cigars. Lieat W. L. Swartont, of Co. K, 33d Michigan, writes to George A. Giltert, of this oity, that one advantage the camp at Montauk Point bas over tbe Santiago oarups is tbat the men aie fien from land crabs, scorpions and centipedes. He says Gen. Alger bad a royal seoeption from the Michigan boys when be visited the camp a few days ago. Wah Lee and Ah Lee, onr two celestial citizens who were taken before tbe U. S. oironit conrt commissioner in Detroit for not being registered last week, were down to Detroit for their hearing Tueeday. Tbey prodneed evidenoe that they had lived in this ooontry for some years and were permitted by the commissioner to take out regis;ration papers in du form. Grass Lake News: Hank Smitb's speech at the Wolf Lake farmers' picnio was largely made np of compliments to the ladies. The adroit rasoal very well kDew that if be conld win over the snsoeptible oreatures to bis side, their syinpathies woold be of immense benefit to hira. He therefore plastered it on tbiofe and when he sat down their silly sweetness siropered, "Isn't dear Mr. Smith just too lovely for anything!" Duriug the inonth of ,lu]y there weie 36 deaths in Washtnaw county of whioh 1 were of ohildren nnder fonr years of age. Of tbe deaths consumption oansed 2, typhoid fever 1, diphtheria 1, pnenmonia 1, diaribeal diseasts 2, oerebro spinal meuingitis 1. Of these deaths 11 oocnred in Ann Arbor and 6 in Yppilanti, 2 eaeb in Saline, Chelsea and Dexter and 1 in Manchester, 4 in Ann Arbor town, 3 in Nortbfield, and 1 each in Augusta, Bridgewater, Lyndon, York and Ypsilanti. Thirteen of the townships reported no deaths. The building oominittee of the board of supervisors will reoommend to the board at its meeting in Ootobeer tbat n're proof vaults be constructed in tbe conrt house in wbioh can be stored in afety the vahiable books and papers ihat are in tbe custoöy of the oonnty offioers. If destroyed by fire the loss to everybody who owns property in the county wonld be great. It is an imperativa dnty that the snpervisors, ir:espeotive oï party, owe to their oon8titufints that they lay aside all prejudice and fear of a re-eleotion to offioe and vote in favor of this important ao:ion. Witb fire proof vaults these reoords wonld be secare, víhere now they are at the meroy of the flamea shonld a ïre ever break out and get a serions bold npon the infiammable building. On the Fonrth of July a yonng man of Stookton, Kansas, took his best girl to a pionio. Theie she acoepted so many attentions from other young men that the first young man beoame enráged and went home, leaving the giil to gei baok to her own home as best she migbt. She hired a haok for which her father paid 75 oents, and then the old man sent tbe bill to the sulky young suitor, He refnsed to pay, and the old man sued him in a justice court, claiming tbat, having taken the givl to the pionio, it beoame bis duty to see her safely home at bis own expense. Botb sides have hired lawyers, and the case will be fought to a finish. Ann Arbor young men should maks a note of this and not go and do likewise or they may be in a similar fix. The stamp window at the post office has been removed to tbe front of the office. Channcey J. Chaddock, tbe deruocratio nominee for congress in the Muskegon distriot, gradnated from the University in 1861. The mail carriers of the Ann Aibor post office will attend the annnal Letter Carriers' National Convention at Toledo, Ohio, on Monday, in a body. Monday being Labor Day the post office will be open from 9 to 10 a. m. for the delivery of mail and not at all in the evening. The oarriers will make their regular morning delivery. "Old Hutch," the football player is back from his ornise on the Yosemite and brings word that Prof. M. E. Uooley will retnin to bis university duties as sood as he faas taken One more cruise. The town of Pittsfield has appealed to the snpreme oourt, the judgment againet it of $250 seoured by Joseph E. Gage for injuries received at Pittefleld Jrtnotion by being thrown from his bnggy. In speaking of the overturning of the bnss on Germán Day in Manchester, the Enterprise says: "Glen V. Mills, the direotory man, of Ann Arbor, was spattered with blood and looked like a rough rider in the fight before Santiago." The delegates from Sharon to tbe republioan county convention are C. C. Dorr, Henry O'Neil, R. Fellows, M. L. Raymond, and F. W. Smith. The Bridgewater delegatBS to the same convention are Fred Crosby, Emmett Allen, Clyde Knight, T. VanGieson, and W. W. Dillingham. Conrad Lehman, of this county, who is a member of the 34th Michigan landed at Montank Point last Satnrday evening, very ill from typhoic fever. He was taken sick on July 1 bu was not taken to a hospital until Aug. 3 His brother M. J. Lehman left Monday to bring him home and telegraphed that they started for home at 6:10 last evening. Nona Gregory, daughter of Dr Frank Gregory, af Marinette, Wis , died at her father's home last Tharsday. Miss Gregory was a member of the Ann Arbor high school elass of '98 until her bealth failed, when her fatber sent hei to San Antonio, Texas, hoping that a obange of climate would aid in retrieving her healtb. Bnt to do avail - she returned to Maiinette in June and was soon oalled to her reward. Miss Gregory is a niece of Mrs. Martin Seabolt, oftbis city, and was a general favorito arnong her classmates. Pollowing the original idea of the Washtenaw Fair Society in erecting a pioneer log cabin on its fair gronDds, the Lenawee Connty Agricultural Society is going to do likewise during the week of the fair. At Adrián on Monday the delivery of the logs to be used in its construction was made and more than 100 logs were delivered from all sections of the county, each furnished by an old log-house settler. They were 20 or 30 feet long, as had been agreed, this being the size of the house, 20x 30. The teams formed a procession over a mile in length acd the farmers were never more interestei in any movement.